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Beauty Meets Drama in Norway

In a contest held at PLAY’s marketing department for the purposes of this introductory text, Stavanger won the exclusive titles of Beauty and Drama Queen. Keep in mind that Icelanders are descendants of renegade Vikings from Norway, that Norway would later rule over Iceland in the dark ages (and kept it quite dark) so while modern-day Icelanders consider Norwegians their “cousins” they also don’t feel like they owe them anything.

That’s all to say that our fascination with Stavanger is real.

The greater metropolitan area of Stavanger is a multicultural city with just over 300,000 inhabitants, many of whom are immigrants. Yet unemployment rates here are usually at a record breaking low. This is after all Norway’s oil capital, a rich, affluent city of thriving industrial commerce which means the locals are quite happy in these parts. But that’s not the only reason you should travel to Stavanger.

Natural Beauty in Literal Paradise

Stavanger earns the title of PLAY’s beauty queen because this is one of Norway’s oldest cities, dating back to the 12th century, and it shows. Make sure to visit the city’s cathedral, originally completed in 1125 which marks the year Stavanger is considered to have been founded. The old downtown area (Gamle Stavanger) is a protected historic area that in parts feels like an elaborate movie set or a living museum. The narrow cobblestoned streets, old-timey street lanterns and colorful facades make up a wonderfully quant vibe with beautiful boutiques and charming cafés aplenty.

So, why the drama? Step outside the city and you’ll soon find out. This city is situated in the middle of the some of the most dramatic landscapes you can imagine. Just outside the city you’ll find Lysefjord, a long glacial fjord of stunning cliffs, caves and small islands. Lysefjord has not one, but two world-famous crown jewels: Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock), and Kjeragbolten (the Kjerag Bolt). If you’ve ever opened Instagram or watched Mission: Impossible – Fallout, you’ve seen both jaw-dropping sites that defy all logic.

We’re not saying Stavanger is some sort of paradise, but one of the city’s neighborhoods is literally called Paradis. Just saying.

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