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Magnificent Mountains and Winter Wonderlands

Welcome to Geneva, Switzerland. Common assumptions about Switzerland include the nation’s political neutrality and international diplomacy on one hand and the country’s amazing natural beauty on the other. To be clear, both assumptions are probably nowhere as factually correct as in Geneva.

Geneva is Switzerland’s second largest city with a rather small population of approx. 200,000. Located at the shores of Lake Geneva, the city is surrounded by the beautiful mountain ranges of the Jura mountains on three sides, including the picturesque and world-famous Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps.

Geneva’s surroundings and their natural beauty are hard to describe but suffice to say they are worthy destinations on any bucket list. For those into mountaineering, skiing or snowboarding, few destinations in the world can rival Geneva which offers the perfect access to some of the world’s best ski resorts and their amazing scenery.

Chocolate Treats and Picturesque Alpine Villages

This alpine wonderland is home to a number of international organizations such as many of the United Nations’ agencies and the International Red Cross. This is also one of the world’s most important financial centers and its thriving culture and community are evident in the streets of Geneva. This is a beautiful city with a charming old town, ambitious modern architecture and a sense of pride tangible in its tidy streets.

Then there’s the food, the wine and the unrivalled deserts. This is after all Switzerland and no connoisseur in their right mind would opt out of the mouth-watering Swiss-chocolate treats. We highly recommend tasting tours, especially for the chocolate since you’d be wise to consult with a local guide to navigate the incredibly delicious selections on offer everywhere.

And no trip to Geneva is complete without at least a peak at some of the world’s most beautiful villages dotted all along the coast of Lake Geneva. Think of your most cliché assumptions about Alpine Europe and these towns will deliver. Wherever your interests lie, your preferences or denominations, Geneva will welcome you with open arms and provide a glimpse into, at the very least, a beautiful idea of utopia.