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PLAY flies to Keflavik International Airport (KEF), which is approx. 30 minutes away from Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.

The Midnight Sun in Iceland

There's something magical about Iceland and for many that magical feeling of fairytales and adventures is closely linked to the endless daylight of the Icelandic summer. During peak summer, the sun dips under the horizon for a few hours but it never really gets dark. The sky is a beautiful display of colors but the best part is that sightseeing in Iceland can be a 24-hour excursion and there is truly so much to see. The numerous awe-inspiring waterfalls, the dramatic volcanic landscapes, the black beaches, the glorious glaciers and geysers, the adorable wildlife and the colorful highlands are all accessible and visible at any given time. Treat yourself to the magnificent landscapes of Iceland this summer and bask in the untouched wilderness of this magical country. 

The Northern Lights in Iceland

On the flip side, few things can rival the enchanting magic of the Icelandic winter. The darker months bring many amazing natural wonders with the noon moon, the frozen and pristine landscapes, the constant display of sunrise and sunset and the cozy atmosphere of lights and warmth to juxtapose the darkness. But of the many natural phenomena that inspire wonder in these parts, none are as fascinating and sought after as the northern lights. They are a truly extraordinary phenomenon to witness and in most cases, manage to outperform, despite even the highest expectations. Matched with the luxurious geothermal heat of this volcanic island that specializes in wellness and well-being, the aurora borealis should be on everybody's bucket list. This winter, fly to Iceland, wait for clear skies, find a dark spot which is an easy task in the vast wilderness and prepare for the experience of a lifetime. 

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