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We are Safe, Simple and Sustainable

With our sustainability strategy, goals, and actions we are determined to utilize our operations to have a positive impact on the world. This enables us to minimize sustainability-related risks and seek potential opportunities – to serve our customers better, avoid unnecessary costs and realize financial savings.

We seek to embed sustainability into PLAY’s DNA:

  • Focusing on climate actions, circularity as well as our employees’ and customers’ welfare.
  • Being a future-proof company with responsible business practices will enable us to run a playful and sustainable business.
  • PLAY enables people to travel and discover the world in a responsible way, so we can, for the foreseeable future, continue to experience what the world has to offer.
  • We raise awareness of sustainability and are determined to utilize our operations to have a positive impact and a meaningful engagement with our stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Being playful, focusing on simplicity, and showing discipline will be the key to maintaining the sustainability strategy in all of PLAY's activities.

Climate action

More fuel - efficient flights

Our focus to minimize our climate impact

  • Fuel efficient aircraft fleet
  • On a journey towards carbon neutral operations
  • Reduce fuel consumption with fuel saving initiatives

Well - being

Health and safety

We ensure well-being for everyone that PLAY impacts by

  • Establish supportive and playful culture
  • Providing employees comfortable uniforms and shoes that are meant for working on your feet
  • We respect and react to the impact a world pandemic has on mental health and fatigue, both physically and emotionally

Future of work

Our valuable employees

We seek to

  • Provide our people with the best work environment and
    culture that attracts and retains the best talent
  • Provide equal opportunities, celebrate diversity and involve
    every employee’s ideas, knowledge, and perspectives
  • We equip our people to adapt to changes in the industry


Reduce, reuse and recycle

  • Waste prevention with initiatives to
    reduce total amount of waste
  • Minimize all unnecessary packaging by
    optimizing procurement
  • Eliminate single-use plastic while fulfilling
  • Collaborate with relevant partners to cre-
    ate circularity initiatives that fulfil strict industry regulations

Responsible business

Our impact

To succeed as a responsible business we

  • Build relationships and partner up with likemind-ed companies and NGO’s
  • We take every opportunity to raise awareness of sustainability, for our customers and everyone that is interested
  • We communicate our effort and actions to all stakeholders

Report on Sustainability

Each year, we'll report on our sustainability focus and measures in our Annual Report. We have big goals and an ambitious outlook and were thrilled to receive recognition from Festa Center for Sustainability, The Iceland Chamber of Commerce and Stjórnvísi at the Sustainability Report of the Year AwardsLink opens in a new tab for our 2021 report. Learn everything about our sustainability focus in our Annual Report.

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