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Jun 7, 2022

PLAY received a recognition for the Sustainability Report of the year

Today PLAY received recognition for the Sustainability Report of the year 2021. The recognition was given by Festa Center for Sustainability, The Iceland Chamber of Commerce and Stjórnvísi. This recognition is both encouraging and confirms the importance for PLAY to build a solid sustainability policy from the beginning of operations. The PLAY Sustainability Report was published in April.

This recognition has been handed out since 2018 to the following companies: Landsbankinn, Isavia, Krónan, Byko and Landsvirkjun. We at PLAY are very proud to be among these outstanding companies.

PLAY hopes that the company’s Sustainability Report will encourage and incentivize other companies, especially companies in their early stages, to take a firm stand on their sustainability journey and implement such a policy into their business model from the start.

The PLAY Sustainability Report can be read here: opens in a new tab