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Live the Dream in Paris

For the globetrotting cosmopolitan, there is no destination quite like Paris. This is probably the world’s most popular dream destination and rightfully so. Vacationing in Paris is akin to being a tourist in a wonderful dream and it’s this dreamlike quality that remains with you, long after you’ve returned back home.

Maybe it’s the theatrical facades and street corners that seem like real-life dollhouses or movie sets or maybe it’s the smell of patisserie everywhere you go. After all, the home-to-bakery ratio in this city is unreal. Cobblestoned streets, charming cafes, wonderful boutiques, sinful chocolatiers and pedestrians all carrying a baguette, like it’s some inside joke, but it really isn’t. Forget about your keto diet, your sober stretch and your no-carb existence and embrace Paris for what it is: a city of indulgence and the finer things in life. Order a glass of red wine with your steak for lunch and enjoy your connoisseur vacation. You’ll walk it all off anyway with a record-breaking step count as you wander through these charming streets.

A Worthwhile and Wonderful Cliché

Between your delicious snacks and treats for all the senses, make sure you see some of Paris’ many unforgettable sights. Yes, that includes a long list of bucket list names like the monumental Eiffel Tower, the inside and outside of the massive Louvre museum and its phenomenal collection, the Notre Dame cathedral, currently undergoing massive repairs after a recent fire, the underground Catacombs, the epic Arc de Triomphe and the incredible Sacre Coeur basilica on top of the world’s most charming hill and village of Montmartre. If this sounds like a bit of a cliché about Paris, you’re absolutely right, but there’s a reason why all of these sights are such sought after experiences.

Embrace your dreamy cliché and get a baguette for your designer handbag to take with you on a romantic stroll along the river Seine. It’s all worth it.