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Cheap flights to Orlando

Orlando, Florida is a destination characterized by adventure, entertainment, fairytales and endless fun in a sunny setting of a modern and happening city. With more theme parks and attractions than any other destination in the world as well as a robust convention and conference industry, Orlando boasts a staggering 75 million visitors annually (2018). That is a huge number for a metropolitan area of only 2.5 million. So, this city isn’t exactly a hard sell. 75 million people can hardly be that wrong.

Attractions in and around Orlando are nearly endless. The biggest and most famous are obviously the two giant theme parks, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. These are amazing destinations in their own right, whether you’re traveling with adult Harry Potter fans or cartoon-watching toddlers. Slightly more niche and nerdy attractions close to Orlando include Legoland and the Kennedy Space Center, both bringing joy and awe to their fans and visitors for decades. But if you’re not in the market for rides and fantasy and the fast-paced fun of parks, fret not. Orlando is about as versatile as they come. This modern-day American city has an amazing nightlife, a world-famous music scene and shops to supply your entire baggage allowance. Keep in mind that this city is packed with movie studios, museums, and music venues where pretty much anything goes. Orlando and its metropolitan area are also adorned with numerous amazing golf courses as well as beautiful hiking and cycling trails so if you’re into that kind of parks and recreation, Orlando is your kind of place.

And then there’s the fact that it’s in the middle of Florida, the sunshine state, a peninsula with more shoreline than any other state in the USA, bar Alaska, and yes, that includes California and even Hawaii. Watch the sun rise above the Atlantic Ocean at Daytona Beach, on the east coast of Florida, merely an hour out of Orlando. Enjoy the sunset on the same day on the Gulf of Mexico on the west coast of Florida, an hour and a half out of Orlando. Or head south to Miami and the Keys to marvel at the Caribbean ahead. Oh, and did we mention that the Orlando weather is what most would describe as perfect, with temperature highs ranging from 23°- 33°C all year and an average of 233 sunshine days per year? Southern Florida enjoys a tropical climate and the swamps, beaches, nature reserves and woodlands are a rare treat for most nature and animal lovers.

In short, Orlando is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for a reason. Enjoy amazing weather, sunny beaches, otherworldly entertainment, outdoor adventures, a nightlife that never sleeps and the wildlife of rural Florida all wrapped into one comfortable package and play more on your holiday because you spent much less on your flight.

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