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Feb 14, 2022

The Arrondissements of Paris

Paris is one of the most beautiful places to visit any time of year. Whether a romantic vacation or a family trip, Paris has something for everyone to enjoy. Tailor your trip based on what kind of adventure you’re seeking by exploring the different arrondissements of this gorgeous city.

Arrondissements/neighborhoods are sometimes referred to as “the twenty small cities of Paris” due to the different types of experiences they provide.  Each arrondissement has its own town hall and unique offerings specific to the location. Every neighborhood has a number starting in the center of Paris and spiraling outwards clockwise.

Arrondissements 1st-2nd

If you’re looking for a quaint district with quiet streets and delicious food, the centermost neighborhoods are for you. These are the oldest quartiers on the map and are also closest to the Louvre. Explore Rue Montorgueil for a taste of the classic French lifestyle and visit the gothic-era churches untouched by time.

Arrondissements 3rd-4th

The 3rd and 4th arrondissements contain the Marais District. The perfect blend of historic restoration, trendy shops, and eateries. Between the 1st and 4th neighborhoods you’ll also find the Notre Dame Cathedral which has begun to sustain repairs since the fire of 2019. Be sure to visit the two islands of Paris, Île de la Cité and île Saint-Louis. They are both natural islands formed in the middle of the Seine River and are connected to Paris by four bridges.

Arrondissements 5th-6th

The 5th and 6th districts hold the Latin Quarter and the St. Germain Des Pres which is bursting with literary and art history. Don’t miss the National Museum of Natural History in the 5th district. There are four galleries to explore and insight into the rich history of France. The 6th arrondissement is home to the University of Paris and many traditional monuments complete with breathtaking artistic depth.

Arrondissement 7

The 7th arrondissement is home to none other than the Eiffel Tower. You can’t take a trip to Paris without exploring one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. Spend some time exploring the 81-story building and make sure you check out the observation deck. District 7 is encompassed by upscale buildings, bistros, and hotels as well as the National Assembly. Enjoy history and history in the making all in the same neighborhood.

Arrondissements 8th-9th

Generally, the 7th-9th districts are the wealthier parts of Paris with lovely places to eat and shop. The 8th district is full of extravagant hotels and even the Élysée Palace, the official residence of the President of the French Republic. The 9th is a district filled with shopping, restaurants, and historical venues like the Palais Garnier Opera House.

Arrondissements 10th-12th

The 10th-12th arrondissements are a less-traveled location due to the neighboring glitz and glam. However, these districts are on the up and up with wonderful cafes and restaurants to offer. When traveling through these districts you’ll be right on the border of the River Seine for tranquil boating trips and touring the nearby Marais District.

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Arrondissements 13th-15th

For the most authentic Parisian experience, the 13th-15th arrondissements are an ideal mix of historical preservation and French cuisine at their finest. From the Grenelle Market full of fresh produce to the lush greenery of Champ De Mars, you’ll find the bright lights of Paris are only part of what makes the city so romantic. Don’t forget to visit Tour Montparnasse for an incredible view and fine dining.

Arrondissements 16th-17th

The 16th and 17th arrondissements are the most affluent of all the districts. The high society of France congregates here for its top-rated schools, pristinely preserved architecture and incredible museums. The 16th district also holds many large sports venues including prestigious football stadiums, tennis championship courts, and Stade Jean-Bouin.

Arrondissement 18

This specific district of Paris is vastly different than the surrounding areas. The 18th arrondissement is a captivating place to stay for those who appreciate artistic expression. Many artists, musicians, and writers have chosen to make this district their home. It could be because of the fantastic views associated with Sacré-Cœur, which is the highest point in Paris full of inspiration.

Arrondissements 19th-20th

The final arrondissements of Paris contain none other than Edith Piaf’s home, Belleville. Located on the far edge of Paris, these neighborhoods can be reached with ease by the Metro and make for a relaxing excursion from the lively shops and restaurants. These districts also hold two of the largest parks, Parc de la Villette and Parc des Buttes Chaumont.


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