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May 4, 2023

Skiing In Verona: The Short Guide for Tourists

Verona, a gorgeous city in Northern Italy, is known for its rich culture, great food, Venetian architecture, and famous Romeo and Juliet balcony. If you’re looking to escape the immense and often overwhelming crowds in Rome and Florence—Verona is the perfect Italian travel destination. 


But, with that said, Verona is also a fantastic skiing spot throughout the winter months. Located in the Italian Alps, Verona has many superb ski resorts with sensational slopes, views, and amenities. Verona’s ski resorts cater to all experience levels, making it an excellent spot to learn to ski. 


In this article, we’ll give you the lowdown on skiing in Verona and why it’s perfect for you:

Our Favorite Ski Resorts in Verona

1. Val di Fassa

Nestled in the Trentino region, Val di FassaLink opens in a new tab is one of Italy’s largest ski areas, with over 200 kilometers of ski runs. One of the best benefits of Val di Fassa is the broad range of ski slopes for all skill levels; there are nursery slopes, gentle slopes, and slopes for intermediate skiers. 


Likewise, there are some very challenging black runs and off-piste ski slopes for advanced skiers. In addition, Val di Fassa has various modern lifts, including chairlifts, cable cars, and gondolas. The resort prides itself on maintaining the ski lifts—and the minimal waiting time is a testament. 


Would you love some delicious food after skiing? We understand; Val di Fassa has all the food you could need. They serve classic Italian cuisine, apres-ski drinks, and much more. If that’s not enough, check out the traditional Tyrolean villages with their charm. Feel free to check out the historic churches and quaint streets while you’re at it. 

2. Madonna di Campiglio

Madonna di CampiglioLink opens in a new tab, situated in the Brenta Dolomites of Northern Italy, is another superb ski resort near Verona. Famous for its luxurious atmosphere, world-class ski slopes, and stunning surrounding scenery—Madonna di Campiglio is one of the top ski locations in Europe, attracting people from every corner of the world. 


The ski resort has over 150 kilometers of ski runs that cater to all skill levels. You’ll find gentle slopes for beginners and super challenging runs for more advanced skiers. If you’re feeling more adventurous—or simply a good skier—check out the off-piste skiing for maximum adventure. 


But that’s not the only benefit of visiting Madonna di Campiglio: There are various snow parks, ski schools, and modern lifts. You’ll also find numerous luxury hotels, shops, and restaurants. For anyone seeking culture, check out the Trentino region; it offers a fantastic insight into rich Italian traditions and history. 

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3. Cortina d'Ampezzo

Another excellent ski resort near Verona is Cortina d'AmpezzoLink opens in a new tab. This charming ski resort in the Dolomites offers stunning scenery, world-class ski runs, and an excellent atmosphere. The resort also offers over 120 kilometers of ski runs that cater to every skill level, including easy slopes for beginners and challenging runs for advanced skiers. 


But the fun doesn’t stop there: Cortina d'Ampezzo is home to numerous top-class winter activities, including ice skating, tobogganing, and snowshoeing; therefore, it’s fantastic for people of all interests and ages. The ski area has numerous modern lifts—including chairlifts and gondolas—that ensure easy navigation and more skiing time. 


Additionally, Cortina d'Ampezzo is home to many historic points of interest, such as the Parish Church of San Francesco, the Ethnographic Museum, and the city center’s iconic Bell Tower. While you’re there, ensure you check out the quaint streets, eat the endless scrumptious Italian food, and take a history tour. 

Winter landscape in Dolomites at Cortina D'Ampezzo ski resort, Italy

Tips For Skiing in Verona

If you’re planning a skiing trip to Verona, there are some things you must consider to ensure you get the most enjoyment. 


Here are our top tips:

1. Choose the Right Ski Resort 

Not every ski resort is perfect for everyone’s needs. Verona, however, has many outstanding options due to its location. So, take your time and pick the right resort; it can make or break your trip. The resort options in this article are perfect for people of all ages, interests, and experience levels. 

2. Rent Equipment in Advance

To avoid any last-minute hassle, always rent your ski equipment in advance, or alternatively, travel with your own gear. It’s probably cheaper and easier than you think. Check out our fees for special baggage to learn more. During the peak winter months, Verona’s ski resorts can become extremely busy, making renting gear on the spot challenging. 

3. Respect the Mountains 

Although it often goes without saying, you should respect the mountains. Skiing is fun and excellent for your health and fitness, but can also be dangerous. Thankfully, the ski resorts in this article have brilliant instructors—and you should take their advice. Also, stay on the designated ski runs, don’t stray into off-limit areas, and stick with other skiers. 

4. Check the Weather

The weather conditions can change dramatically in Northern Italy during the winter months. Always ensure you check the weather before heading out. Likewise, keep an eye on the weather when you’re skiing; adjust your plans accordingly if the weather is seemingly taking a turn. Staff at the resorts will offer the best advice. 

5. Dress Properly 

Skiing in Verona can be wet and cold, especially during a storm. Therefore, it’s imperative to dress appropriately; that includes wearing waterproof pants, gloves, goggles, and jackets. You don’t want to feel physically uncomfortable during your dream vacation. 

Go Skiing Near Verona This Year

Skiing is one of the top things to do in Europe during the winter months and is usually far more affordable in Europe than in the United States — and Verona is a great hub to get to some of the best ski spots in the Alps. If you visit any of the resorts in this article, stay safe, and follow the tips and you’ll have an incredible time skiing, creating memories to last a lifetime. 


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