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Mar 7, 2023

Glasgow On a Budget

Glasgow might not be the first city you think of when visiting the United Kingdom, but it’s one of the most vibrant, historic, artistic, and—most importantly—budget-friendly destinations in Britain. According to Rough Guides, Glasgow is the world’s friendliest cityLink opens in a new tab, with locals from every world corner.  

Situated in West Central Scotland on the banks of the River Clyde, Glasgow is the 5th largest city in the United Kingdom and the largest city in Scotland. The city is home to museums, a vibrant nightlife, exciting sporting events, a massive music scene, excellent architecture, and much more. 

 Here are the top budget-friendly attractions in Glasgow, Scotland:

1. Wander Around the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

One of the most popular free attractions in Glasgow is the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. The museum hosts around 8,000 pieces of art and artifacts, spanning from contemporary art to Egyptian artifacts. One of the museum’s highlights is the Salvador Dali painting named 'Christ of St John of the Cross.’

 In addition, the museum is home to Rembrandt's ‘Man in Armour.’ Likewise, the museum has a full-size replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a dedicated education center offering workshops, lectures, and interactive exhibits, and a concert hall with various musical performances. 

 Website: opens in a new tab

Address: Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8AG, UK

2. Marvel at Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral—also called St. Mungo’s Cathedral—is a historic building in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland. Dating back to the 12th century, the Glasgow Cathedral is one of Britain’s finest examples of medieval architecture. Better still, it’s completely free to enter, but you can give donations. 

 The cathedral is a prime example of Glasgow’s history; the cathedral has witnessed significant events in Scottish heritage—such as the Battle of Glasgow in 1544 and a visit from Edward I of England in 1301 during the First War of Scottish Independence.

Website: opens in a new tab

Address: Castle St, Glasgow G4 0QZ, UK

3. Walk Around the Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens is the perfect place to walk around on a sunny day. First opened in 1817, the gardens include a vast range of trees and exotic plants from around the globe. 

 In addition, the Botanic Gardens hosts a range of events and activities worldwide—including concerts, guided tours, and art exhibitions. Furthermore, the gardens are home to the Glasgow Botanic Gardens Institute, a place with various educational programs for adults and children. 

 Website: opens in a new tab

Address: 730 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 0UE, UK

4. Enjoy the People’s Palace and Winter Garden

The People’s Palace and Winter Garden is a greenhouse complex in Glasgow, Scotland, that tells the story of Glasgow’s history—including the experiences of the working classes from the 18th century until today. The Winter Gardens is also a stunning greenhouse complex with numerous exotic plants and trees from across the globe. 

 Moreover, the museum features a recreation of a standard tenement flat from the early 20th century, enabling people to experience life for Glasgow residents over a century ago. The museum’s collections include a range of artifacts and art—including paintings, textiles, and photographs. 

 Website: opens in a new tab

Address: Green, Templeton St, Glasgow G40 1AT, UK

5. Experience the Glasgow School of Art

The Glasgow School of Art is one of the top art schools in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1845, the school has a robust reputation for producing some of the most innovative and talented artists from the 20th century, such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh (the man who designed the school’s building). 

 The school is a prime example of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s distinctive style of art. And with its incredible history, creative design, and talented students—the Glasgow School of Art is a must-visit budget destination in Glasgow. 

 Website: opens in a new tab

Address: 167 Renfrew St, Glasgow G3 6RQ, UK

6. Learn at the Glasgow Science Centre

If you’re interested in science and want to visit a budget-friendly attraction, look no further than the Glasgow Science Museum. First opened in 2001, the science center has dedicated itself to promoting science and technology to the masses by offering an interactive and immersive experience. 

 The museum includes three floors, and they’ve dedicated each floor to a different aspect of technology and science. Visitors can explore the wonders of the universe and space via the planetarium; they can also learn about how the human body works in the BodyWorks exhibition. 

 Website: opens in a new tab

Address: 50 Pacific Quay, Glasgow G51 1EA, UK

7. Walk Around the Gallery of Modern Art

Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art—sometimes called the GoMA—is one of the top contemporary art museums in Scotland. And here’s the best news: it’s completely free to enter. The museum first opened in 1996, and it quickly became one of Glasgow’s top cultural attractions. 

 The Gallery of Modern Art is home to works by some of the world’s top artists: David Hockney, Andy Warhol, and Gilbert & George. Likewise, the art gallery houses many temporary exhibitions, showcasing art from around the world. In recent years, the city has refurbished the building to make it comfortable and accessible to all guests. 

 Website: opens in a new tab

Address: 111 Queen St, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow G1 3AH, UK

8. Check Out the Views from The Necropolis

If you want excellent views of Scotland’s largest city, The Necropolis—a Victorian cemetery located on a hill overlooking Glasgow—is the prime spot. Glasgow first established the cemetery in 1833. As a result, it’s the final resting place for over 50,000 people, including many of Glasgow’s most historic and significant people. 

 It’s completely free to enter the Necropolis, but people often recommend a guided tour to learn about the stories and history of the people buried there. The cemetery covers around 37 acres, featuring winding paths, tombs, and staircases that make for an excellent walk. The cemetery is home to a vast range of wildlife, such as birds, bats, foxes, and much more. 

 Website: opens in a new tab

Address: Castle St, Glasgow G4 0UZ, UK

Glasgow: A Fun, Affordable, and Historic European Break

Glasgow is one of Britain’s top cities. It’s home to historic football teams, amazing museums, superb pubs, and top-class nightlife. It’s far more affordable than London and Edinburgh, two of Britain’s most visited major cities. And best of all: it’s considered one of the friendliest cities on Earth. Glasgow is a superb choice for your budget-friendly European destination. 


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