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Jan 17, 2024

The Best Beaches near Split in Croatia

The turquoise waters off the shore of a beautiful Adriatic beach near Split in Croatia

The coastal city of Split in Croatia has many irresistible advantages, e.g. the beautiful historic city center, the colorful nightlife, the relaxed culture and the wonderful weather. But the natural beauty, the ocean views and the numerous and varied beaches should probably be at the top of that list. The city lies on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea in the Mediterranean Sea, and as a result, the conditions for beach vacations are as good as they come.

In this blog, we’ll cover the city's main beaches along with some amazing beaches on nearby paradise islands off the coast of Croatia.

The Comfort of the Split Beach

This is a particularly walkable city and spending days leisurely strolling the streets of Split is, pun intended, a walk in the park. Spend days on leisurely strolls in the city, but just know that you will most likely wander from the sunny streets of the city to the beach. It’s a natural gravitation towards those beautiful views and the cool breeze and those beaches are as accessible as they are gorgeous. The many beaches of Split are quite diverse, each with their unique character and charm. They do, however, have one thing in common, the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea that beckons all, from splashing toddlers to middle-aged snorkelers, younger adrenalin-seekers and the rest who just want that relaxing beach bliss.

People bathing at the famous Croatian beach Kasuni (Croatian: Plaa Kasjuni), by the Adriatic Sea, in Split, Croatia.

1. City Center Beach Bacvice

The most famous beach in Split is undoubtedly Bacvice beach. It only takes a few minutes to walk down to Bacvice from Diocletian's Palace, but this short walk from the ancient Roman masterpiece is a good example of the more than 2,000 years of time travel that the city offers.

Bacvice offers everything you could want on a sunny beach, white sand, restaurants, bars, sunbeds, services and entertainment, and there is always plenty of fun to be had at Bacvice. The waters are quite shallow, so this is an ideal place for families with young children. If you forget the buckets, the shovel and the sunscreen, you can always buy them at the beach and there is no need to pack a lunch here, you’ll find everything you need on Bacvice beach. For those who get bored of sunbathing, it is easy to find fun activities in the sea, such as snorkeling or exploring on a paddle boat. But if the sea isn't your thing either, you can always join in for one round of picigin, a popular beach ball game in Croatia and there is almost always someone playing picigin on the beach in Split. Perhaps Bacvice’s only downside is its popularity since it can be quite crowded in the middle of the day during peak summer months. The good news is that for those who want peace, quiet and less crowds, there is a nice variety of other beaches available around Split.

Aerial view of the famous Zlatni Rat beach in Bol, on the island Brac off the coast of Croatia


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2. Znjan-beach

Znjan beach is the largest beach in Split, but it manages to be both beautiful and alluring. The beach itself is a mixture of rocks, pebbles and gravel, so you can find a varied beach atmosphere at Znjan. The fine gravel is soft and comfortable for those who want to sunbathe or dry off between dips in the sea. The rougher parts of the beach are then perfect for recreation, especially snorkeling, because the water is crystal clear and the rocky areas are home to a rich and colorful wildlife. The beach has lifeguards, showers, toilets, refreshments and services.

3. The peaceful beach of Kasuni

Those seeking restorative tranquility and relaxation should head straight down to Kasuni Beach. There will certainly be others on the beach who got the same idea but here, natural beauty reigns supreme. The beach is surrounded by forested hillsides and its postcard appearance resembles a typical desert island in an adventure movie. The surroundings are truly magnificent, and once you see it, you’ll understand why Kasuni is often named the most beautiful beach in Split. This beach is perfect for an afternoon relaxing, swimming, walking and first and foremost enjoying it all.

Aerial view at town Trogir, a small tourist town in a suburb of Split, Dalmatia region in Croatia.

4. Bene, a beach of history and natural beauty

The main outdoor area in Split is the public forest park Marjan, and it’s in Marjan you can find the beach Bene. This is the perfect destination to unwind in beautiful surroundings within a comfortable walking distance from the city center. Find a warm, soft rock to lie on, a fun cafe to get refreshments, go for a swim and cool off in the middle of your hike on those hot days. For those who prefer sand and jet skis, Bene is not the best place, but for those who love natural beauty, peace and quiet, sea and trees, there is hardly a more suitable place in the world.


5. Firule, the locals' beach

If the tourists on Bacvice are wearing you down, you can always check out Firule beach, which is more popular with Split locals and only a 15-minute walk away. Here you can find soft sand, shallow waters and a good shelter. The beach is a popular destination for families with children and those who want to swim in comfortable seas away from the bigger waves.

Of course, picigin is also being played at Firule at all times. Although the beach is popular, it doesn’t offer quite as many amenities as Bacvice, but you can find all the basic necessities such as showers and toilets, and the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable.


Beautiful beach in Brela near the mountain (Makarska Riviera, Dalmatia, Croatia)

Paradise islands off the coast of Croatia

Although there are many more beaches in Split than the few we listed, they are merely the beginning because not far from the city, off the coast of Croatia, lies a huge selection of beautiful islands with a long list of irresistible beaches. These islands are more often than not full of charm, friendly locals, cultural treasures and excellent cuisine. Ferries depart regularly from the port of Split and are convenient, cheap and a safe means of travel. Whether the idea is to take a day trip out to one of the islands or spend more time island hopping over a number of days, we highly recommend giving yourself time to experience these amazing islands.

Aerial view of the famous Zlatni Rat beach in Bol, on the island Brac off the coast of Croatia

The Island of Brac - White Beaches and Blue Sea

The ferry from Split to Brac takes just over an hour, and the hourly rate could not be any better. Brac itself is beautiful, but it is most famous for the beach Zlatni Rat or "Golden Horn", as it’s often called in English. This unique V-shaped beach jutting out into the beautiful blue sea is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. It’s beauty is so profound that it has been chosen as the cover girl on brochures selling trips to Europe. The beach itself is made of white, fine gravel, and in the background is the most beautiful pine forest. Although Zlatni Rat is the star of the show, Brac itself is a worthy destination to visit. Here, you’ll find Roman ruins, exciting restaurants, and the view is, of course, divine.

The Island of Hvar - Sunny Luxury and Lavander

Aðeins lengra en Brac er að finna eyjuna Hvar. Ferjan frá Split til Hvar tekur um einn og hálfan klukkutíma en Hvar er einn af þessum áfangastöðum sem gleymist aldrei. Á þessari unaðslegu eyju er að finna frábærar vínekrur, glæsilegar strendur og heilu akrana af lavender eða lofnarblómum. Það mætti segja að Hvar sé hápunktur fyrir öll skynfærin því ilmurinn, bragðið, útsýnið og hitinn mætast hér í einhverri fullkominni sviðsmynd fyrir fríið. Þessum lúxus er líklega sóað á smábörn en hann er tilvalinn fyrir lífskúnstnera í leit að rómantík og afslöppun. Ströndin Dubovica á suðurströnd Hvar er rómuð fyrir fegurð og rómantíska stemningu.



People swimming off the shore of a beautiful Adriatic beach and lagoon with turquoise water near Split, Croatia


The beaches of Split and the surrounding islands are as different as they are many, but they all have one thing in common: the pristine and crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea with excellent chances of perfect weather in summer. Pack your sunscreen, swim goggles and your euphoric relaxation, because we think Split will charm your sandals off.


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