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What's the difference between seats?

Want to make sure you and your travel buddy sit together? Do you need more legroom, more space or do you prefer a seat with a view?


Prices vary depending on the legroom, space and also where in the plane you'd like to sit. View our list of optional fees here.

You can reserve seats before your flight when you make the initial booking; after booking via MyPLAY, or during online check-in, where you also have the option of upgrading your seat selection to more legroom and in some cases more space.

Did you not receive your booked seat?

As per our Terms & Conditions, seat selection is non-refundable, not guaranteed and is subject to change without notice due to a schedule change, equipment change or other unforeseen circumstances. In these events, we will always attempt to assign you a seat of equal value.

You can request a refund for seat selection in the following cases:

  • If your flight has been cancelled
  • If there has been an aircraft change and you did not receive a similar seat

See more information about our refund policy here.