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What rules apply to children traveling with PLAY?

We love to PLAY and having kids join us in the air is a bonus!

Traveling with an infant

An infant is a baby that has not reached his/her 2nd birthday. All infants travel at a fixed price.

If a ticket is booked for an unborn baby, the name and date of birth can be amended after the initial booking free of charge.

Please note that a baby must be at least 7 days old, given the baby is not born prematurely, to travel.


Infants have a baggage allowance for one personal item in cabin baggage with maximum dimensions of 42x32x25 cm (17x13x10 in) and 10 kg (22 lbs) including handles and wheels. Additional baggage ​cannot​ be added to an infant's ticket.

Baby strollers/prams/car seats can be carried free of charge - a ​maximum of two items per infant. ​You can add it to your booking in our booking process, in MyPLAY, and during online check-in.


Infants do not get a seat on the plane as they sit on the lap of the accompanying adult. You can purchase an additional seat for the infant if you wish, but please note the infant may not sit in the seat during takeoff and landing unless it sits in an airline-approved car seat. A seat intended for an infant must be a window seat. An additional seat can be purchased via our Service RequestsLink opens in a new tab or by contacting our Service Team.

Travel documents

All infants need a valid passport to travel with PLAY.

Traveling with a child

Children aged 2-11 pay a standard child fare, get their own seat on board and do their absolute best not to kick the seat in front of them.


Children have the same baggage allowance as adults: one personal item in cabin baggage with maximum dimensions of 42x32x25 cm (17x13x10 in) and 10 kg (22 lbs), including handles and wheels.

Additional baggage allowance ​can​ be purchased for a child.

Strollers/prams/car seats can be carried free of charge - a ​maximum of 2 items per child. ​Please contact our ​Service Team​ to add these items to an existing booking.


Children are allowed to sit anywhere on the plane except in the emergency exit row.

Travel documents

All children need a valid passport to travel with PLAY.

Children traveling alone

Children between the ages of 8-11 years (having reached their 8th birthday but not their 12th birthday) can travel alone but require the Unaccompanied Minor Service (UMNR).

Please note that the Unaccompanied Minor Service is not available for children on connecting flights (via Iceland).

Passengers 12 years and older are booked as adults and may travel alone. They can be booked with Unaccompanied Minor Services but are not required to on behalf of PLAY.
Please note that children between the ages of 12 and 17 years old may not fly alone with other children/infants. Passengers need to have reached their 18th birthday to accompany a child or an infant.

All children need a valid passport to travel with PLAY.

THE UMNR fee is charged per flight leg but children traveling together (with the same booking number) are only charged once per flight leg.

Baby on board


Pregnant women are responsible for their own travel plans and that they are fit to fly. We recommend consulting a doctor/midwife before traveling.

You can fly as you please up until your 36th week of pregnancy. After 36 weeks you are ​not​ permitted to fly with us.


Breast milk and formula are allowed in cabin bags. Remove these items from your cabin bag to be screened separately from the rest of your belongings when going through security. Please feel free to breastfeed on board.

Facilities on board

There are baby changing facilities on the airplane but we do not provide any diapers, wipes, bassinets, etc.

Unfortunately, we cannot heat breastmilk on board the aircraft.

Travel documents

All children and infants require a valid passport to check in for our flights.

For more information and FAQs regarding children on board click here.