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Traveling with a wheelchair

Traveling with your own wheelchair and how to book an electric wheelchair

Traveling with your own wheelchair

Manual wheelchair

Personal manual wheelchairs can be used throughout the terminal to the boarding gate where they will be stored in the aircraft hold. Each passenger can bring two mobility devices. We recommend you take any removable foot pedals or cushions with you in your cabin baggage.
Please let us know 48 hours prior to your flight, at the latest, as it is in your best interest and will prevent delays to any service booked. 

Electric wheelchair

Although you will normally be able to remain in your own electric wheelchair or mobility aid until you reach the door of the aircraft, some electric wheelchairs or mobility aids may require special handling and should be delivered to us earlier.

We need to gather some additional information from you about your electric wheelchair or mobility aid to ensure it is suitable for carriage on our aircraft. If you are traveling with your electrical wheelchair please notify us about the following details no later than 48 hours prior to your flight at

  1. Booking number
  2. Flight details and date
  3. Passenger name
  4. Name of model and manufacturer
  5. Length, height, and width (metric) 
  6. Weight (kg)
  7. Battery type (in Watt/h) 
  8. Details of how to inhibit the circuits and isolate the battery to prevent the electric wheelchair or mobility aid from inadvertently turning on during the flight

The electric wheelchair must not exceed the following dimensions: 35" height (889 mm) and 48" width (1,219 mm).

Please note that lithium batteries for your electric wheelchair may not exceed 300 Wh, or for a device that is fitted with two batteries, each battery must not exceed 160 Wh.

A maximum of one spare lithium battery, not exceeding 300 Wh, or two spares, each not exceeding 160 Wh, may be carried in the cabin only. We ask our passengers to remove the battery from the chair before the flight, or we ask them to guide us through it.

If you require further wheelchair assistance, please contact our Service Team at