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Traveling with a safety assistant

Disabled passengers may travel alone if they are able to perform the following tasks without any assistance:

  • Unfasten seat belt
  • Retrieve and fit the life vest
  • Reach an emergency exit unaided
  • Fit an oxygen mask
  • Understand safety instructions given by the cabin crew (either verbally or visually)
  • Daily routine (eat, drink, go to the toilet, etc.)

Neither the cabin crew nor the PRM service (Passengers with Reduced Mobility Services) at the airport provide assistance with daily tasks.

Assistance is provided in the terminal area and to the aircraft seat, if required, but not inside a bathroom or with any other daily routine related items.

If a disabled passenger CANNOT perform these tasks by themselves and without assistance, they are required to travel with a safety assistant.

If you need to change the name of the safety assistant you are traveling with, please contact the Service Team no later than 48 hours before your flight. Please note that a name change fee is charged for this service.

Cabin crew:

  • Cannot lift or assist passengers inside the lavatories, but can help them to and from the lavatories
  • Cannot administer medications
  • Can assist with simple meal preparations, but they cannot feed passengers

Safety assistant requirements:

  • The assistant must be at least 16 years old and must be able to provide the aforementioned assistance during the flight.
  • Each assistant cannot assist more than one passenger.

Please contact the Service Team if you have any questions regarding traveling with a Safety Assistant at