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Special Assistance & Seating

If you have any kind of special assistance pre-booked then you do not need to purchase seating assignment ahead of your flight. You will be assigned a suitable seat upon check-in, based on the type of special assistance you have booked.

·        All seats for passengers with special assistance have movable armrests

·        Safety assistants are seated next to the passenger traveling with special assistance

·        A window seat is generally assigned unless it is occupied by the safety assistant

·        Passengers traveling with special assistance, needs, or wheelchair service cannot sit in the emergency exit row seats

If you would like to book a different, or specific, seat than what you would be assigned, you may be asked to pay for seating assignment if it is not relevant to your disability.

All aircrafts have a lavatory on board labeled to cater to the needs of passengers traveling with special assistance, wheelchair, or a disability.