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How do I purchase bags online?

Adding baggage allowance to your reservation online is easy and can be done from the time you book your flight and until one hour prior to departure

It's really quite simple...

First, you can add an additional baggage allowance when you initially make a booking on our website.

You can also always access your booking on our website and from there you can add an additional baggage allowance until 24 hours before departure when the online check-in opens.

24 hours prior to your flight, baggage allowance can be added through the web check-in portal. You can add baggage there up until one hour before departure.

Additionally, you can add baggage during check-in at the airport. Of the available options, this one will cost you the most. 

To see how much an extra bag would cost you, we recommend you check out our optional fees and charges here.

Please note that you can also add baggage allowance by contacting our Service Team but a service fee is added to this option.

Can I upgrade my carry-on baggage to a checked bag?

No, unfortunately you can’t upgrade your carry-on bag. You can, however, add baggage allowance through your MyPLAY account until one hour prior to departure.