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MyPLAY - What is that?

Your MyPLAY account is your access to all your information and transactions with PLAY. Once you’ve set up a MyPLAY account you will have easy access to your future bookings, service requests and information.

We strive to make this process as easy as possible.

Here you’ll find detailed instructions on some of the things MyPLAY can do for you.

PLAY aircraft

Creating a MyPLAY account

You don’t have to have a MyPLAY account to browse our website but as soon as you want to book a flight, you’ll have to sign in or create an account.

To set up an account you’ll have to provide your full name, email and choose a password. Make sure you don’t include a space after your email address or you may prompt an error.

Start by clicking Create account. Next, fill in the appropriate information and then click Create account again.

Now what?

Your MyPLAY account is your access to all the information related to you and PLAY. The "My bookings" page is your front page and shows you all the information you need for your upcoming flight.

You can use your MyPLAY account to add services, choose a seat, resend your booking confirmation, add a booking and more.

You can also check in for your flight 24 hours before departure. It’s as simple as that!

Adding a booking

You can add a booking to your MyPLAY account under My bookings. In order to add the booking you need to add your booking number (a 6 digit number starting with M) and the passenger‘s last name. Once that is done, you click on Add booking. Then you will be able to see the booking under Upcoming flights.

Adding personal information

Before proceeding, it is important that all personal information is correct. We need to be able to reach you if anything changes so please review this section carefully and be sure to update the information if anything changes. To save personal information click on the MyPLAY box in the top right corner of the website, then click on the puffin, and then the final step is to click on My profile.

You‘ll save a great deal of time if you save your information on your MyPLAY account. If you decide to go for our last-minute offers or try to snap up a great deal with limited time, you‘ll be glad you saved your personal information.

Under My profile you can, among other things, save personal information, add travel companions, change your password and delete your account.

Adding services

Can you live a little? We think so, so just book that dream seat and add baggage allowance to your booking all you want. To add services to your booking, select the flight in question and click on Manage booking.

You can then choose the services you want to add at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind that you can only add and pay for one service at a time. If, for example, you‘re going to buy a seat and an extra bag, you‘ll have to to do that in two separate steps.

*Please note that when you add services to your flight, it will be reserved on your MyPLAY account for 30 minutes or until payment has been finalized. If you want to cancel the services you selected but haven’t paid for, you can either wait 30 minutes or contact our Service Team and they will remove it from your flight.

Resending your booking confirmation

When you booked your flight you received a booking confirmation. If you’d like us to resend the booking confirmation, just click on Manage booking and under the booking number you can click on Resend confirmation email.

Checking in

We all love check in because it means your flight is coming up, it’s super simple and there are never any lines on your MyPLAY account.

To check in online, sign in to your MyPLAY account, choose your flight and click Check-in. Online check-in opens 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure and closes one hour before departure. The check-in process will take you through a few steps:

·        Confirming names

·        Your PLAY booking number

·        The departing airport

·        Confirmation of travel documents, as well as agreement to our terms and conditions

Finally you can add baggage and choose seating, if no seat is chosen you get one assigned. When you’ve finished checking in, you’ll get a boarding pass sent to your email. It’s that simple!

*Please note that online check-in is unfortunately not available for flights departing from Billdund (BLL), Geneva (GVA), Split (SPU) and Verona (VRN). Passengers will need to check in at the service desk at these airports.

Instructions on how to change a booking in MyPLAY

Log in to your MyPLAY account to make changes. Go to "My bookings" and click on Manage booking.

Then click on Change flight.

Next, select the passengers and flights that need to be changed and then click Continue.

Select the date you want to change to and then click Confirm selection.

After you have clicked on Confirm selection, you will get a summary and there you press Yes, change my flight.

Next comes the payment process. There you can fill in the relevant information.

Note that the changes will not be finalized until payment for the change has been completed.

You can see our optional fees and charges here.

Deleting your account

You can always delete your MyPLAY account which is a basic right for all our customers and an important part of our Data Protection Policy. To do this, go to My account and at the bottom of the page click on Delete account. Type in your password in the field and click Delete my account. If you want a copy of your data stored by PLAY, just email us your request at [email protected].