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Can I travel with musical instruments?

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Musical instruments

There are three different ways to travel with your musical instrument, the choice is yours.

Carry-on baggage

Musical instruments can be carried as carry-on baggage if they fit within the required dimensions. The musical instrument would be your second item along with your personal item that needs to fit under the seat in front of you.

You can add carry-on baggage allowance via your MyPLAY account.

Checked baggage

You can check-in your musical instrument, either as a regular odd-sized bag or a large odd-sized bag, depending on its size and weight.

Maximum dimensions of the regular odd-sized bag are 180x124 cm (70x48 in) and 20 kg (44 lbs). Maximum dimensions for the larger odd-sized bag is 277x75x65 cm (109x29x25 in), and 32 kg (70 lbs). 

You can add the special baggage to your booking via your MyPLAY account. 

Book an extra seat

It is also possible to purchase an extra seat for your musical instrument.

If you wish to do that, we ask you to contact our Service Team for assistance, see different ways of contacting us here.

You will be charged the available airfare price of the extra seat (minus airport taxes) and you cannot purchase any additional baggage for the extra seat.

Pack your musical instrument

All odd-sized baggage must be packed to withstand normal baggage handling. All passengers are responsible for their own baggage being suitably packed so that it will not get damaged during the trip. 

We have limited liability if any damage occurs to odd-sized baggage that was not properly packed. We recommend buying additional adequate travel insurance.