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I have a connecting flight with PLAY, how does that work?

VIA (connecting) flights with PLAY

A connecting flight with PLAY means that any checked baggage that is purchased will be checked in to the final destination with PLAY. Upon check-in you will receive two boarding passes, and will transfer in KEF airport, Iceland, on to your next flight.

Even though, technically, there are two flight legs (e.g. BOS-KEF and KEF-STN) in your booking, this is considered one flight. This means that if you wish to make a date change you are changing the whole flight leg (e.g. BOS-STN). It is not possible to change only one part of a connecting flight, and any cancellation of the flight affects both journeys (e.g. BOS-KEF and KEF-STN). Please note that direct flights cannot be changed to connecting flights and vice versa, e.g. a flight from New York to Paris via Iceland cannot be changed to a direct flight from New York to Iceland.

The airfare is slightly discounted than what you would pay for two one-way bookings. With the added convenience of baggage being checked in to the final PLAY destination.

Flying from Bologna BLQ, Geneva GVA or Salzburg SZG?

It is not possible to check in online when departing from Bologna, Geneva or Salzburg. This means that when you check in at the airport you receive one boarding pass to KEF, and upon landing in KEF you should have received your onwards boarding pass via email to your final PLAY destination.

If you have not received your boarding pass when you land in KEF, you can go to the Service Desk (near C gates) and receive it there.

Connecting with other airlines?

If you have a connecting flight with another airline, you will need to pick up your baggage at your final PLAY destination and check it in again with the other airline.

We do recommend having at least 3 hours between connecting flights with other airlines.