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Can I travel with hunting gear like guns and fishing rods?

Yes, if you follow the instructions below.

Packing guidelines

Fishing equipment - should be packed in rigid, secure containers and rods/poles must be fully broken down. Live bait is not permitted in our aircraft. As a preventative measure against the spread of infectious disease in Iceland, it is prohibited by law to import fishing equipment (including waders and rubber boots) which has been previously used overseas unless it has been adequately disinfected. Passengers are asked to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of their destination country. Fishing equipment is booked as large odd-sized baggage and no additional items should be placed in the bag.   

Guns and ammunition – you can travel with both for personal use only. Please note that you are required to travel with your gun license and all other official documentation that may be required in your destination country.

If documentation or permits are insufficient upon arrival, you are responsible for any fines or other expenses that it may incur.

How to pack:

  • The weapons and ammunition may only be transported in the hold of the aircraft and should be booked as special baggage.
  • The gun should be dismantled.
  • Ammunition needs to be packed separately.

Below you can find more detailed information about how to pack weapons and ammunition.

Weapons and ammunition

Sporting firearms (rifles, shotguns, air rifles and handguns/target pistols) for hunting and sports are accepted but only as checked baggage. 

  1. The firearm and ammunition must be packed separately from other checked baggage and stowed in a location inaccessible to any unauthorized person during the flight.
  2. The passenger must present the appropriate documentation including license(s) relevant to the use of the sporting firearm in the destination state, and also the export from the state concerned. In addition to a visual inspection by check-in staff, the license holder must be consulted to determine that the sporting firearm is not loaded.
  3. Sporting firearms are packed in a sturdy container and labeled "Firearms" and the name of the owner.
  4. Ammunition or cartridges excluding those with explosives or incendiary projectiles (classified under Division 1.4S: UN0012 and UN0014) must be securely packed, ideally in a strong and sealed container made of wood, metal, or fiberboard. The ammunition should be packed in such a manner to prevent movement or shock to it during handling or transportation.
  5. The quantity of ammunition must not exceed the permitted amount, which is currently 5 kg and must be for the passenger’s own use.
  6. Baggage containing weapons or ammunition must be directed to the special baggage check-in desk, where it may be subjected to an inspection.

 Kindly fill out 2 copies of this formLink opens in a new tab and bring to the airport

Let us know about it

Please contact our Service Team to add the weapon to your booking.

How do contact our Service Team? See here.

Please note that the item must be added to your booking no later than 48 hours before the flight.