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How do I buy an extra seat?

Our service team will gladly assist you

Extra seats

Please note that if you are purchasing an extra seat you pay the available airfare at the time of booking the additional seat. Airport taxes are not charged and additional baggage cannot be purchased for the extra seat.

Personal comfort

Passengers who wish to have an extra seat for personal comfort or due to physical dimensions can book an additional seat.

Infants in seats

Children that have not reached their 2nd birthday are infants and do not occupy a seat as they sit on the lap of the parent/accompanying person.

You can purchase an additional seat for the infant if you wish, but please note that the infant may not sit in their own seat during take-off and landing unless it sits in an airplane-approved car seat and an infant's car seat must be placed in a window seat.

Musical instruments

If you are traveling with your musical instrument and do not wish to transport it as checked baggage you can purchase an additional seat.

Book the extra seat

Please contact our Service Team to book the extra seat, you can see different ways to contact us here.