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How do I request special assistance?

Please note that it is in your best interest to let us know 48 hours before your flight to prevent delays to the service

Special assistance

We ask that you inform us no later than 48 hours before your flight if you require any special assistance at the airport or are bringing any medical devices/assistant devices onboard your flight. 

Wheelchair assistance, or PRM service (Person of Reduced Mobility), is offered free of charge to all of our passengers who may require it.

If you require assistance at the airport, kindly let us know what kind of assistance you may require. You can do that during our booking process or you can sign in to your MyPLAY account and do it from there.

Please view the below options and see what best fits your needs.

If you have any questions you can always send us an email to


For passengers that need a wheelchair for long distances at the airport but are able to climb stairs.


For passengers that can walk short distances but not up or down stairs.


For passengers that use a wheelchair at all times and cannot walk any distance. Need assistance to/from the aircraft, up and down stairs, and to/from the cabin seat.


For passengers that are blind or sight-impaired and need assistance during the flight.


For passengers that are deaf or hard of hearing