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What are the rules about flying with animals?

Not allowed - except service dogs


We do love animals but unfortunately, we are not able to transport animals, neither in the cargo hold of our aircraft nor in the cabin.

There is an exception in place for passengers that need to travel with registered assistance dogs.

A maximum of one service dog can be carried in the cabin of each aircraft and the service dog cannot be accepted to travel one way if the passenger holds a return ticket. 

Please note that there is a strict 14-day quarantine rule in place regarding the transportation of live animals into Iceland.

Kindly read the terms and conditions below before traveling with a service dog.

  • There are no special charges, weight restrictions, or cage requirements for traveling with a service dog.
  • We advise passengers that travel with a service dog to check in at least 90 minutes before the scheduled departure time. 
  • Please note that it is the passenger's responsibility to obtain correct documentation for the dog's entry into the destination country.
  • PLAY does not accept any liability if the dog is denied entry into the destination country. 
  • PLAY is not responsible for verifying that the dog has necessary documentation, including up-to-date vaccination records, prior to travel through, to, or from any country. It is the responsibility of the person that has paid for the dog’s transportation to settle any fines, costs, or other expenses incurred as a result of either insufficient documentation being provided or from the dog not meeting the entry requirements of the passenger's destination country.


A Registered Assistance Dog (RAD) is a dog that has been trained to assist and support an owner with disabilities (such as being deaf or blind) and registered with either of the following organizations:

Assistance Dog InternationalLink opens in a new tab

The International Guide Dog FederationLink opens in a new tab  

A pre-booked/prior-authorized Registered Assistance/Service Dog is permitted to travel.

Booking Procedure

The Registered Assistance/Service Dog must be booked via our Service Team through [email protected]Link opens in a new tab at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

You will be asked to provide documentation that proves that your dog is a certified RAD/service dog, along with an approval letter from MAST for transfer or arrival in Iceland (see below for further information).

The service will not be added to the booking without these documents.

Please note, that if passengers change their flight date through MyPLAY, the registered service dog will not be automatically transferred to the new flight. Passengers need to contact the service team again with all the required documents to re-add the service dog to the booking.

Iceland restrictions

Please note there is a strict 14-day quarantine rule in place regarding the transportation of live animals into Iceland.

Kindly read the terms and conditions below before traveling with the service dog.

For passengers to be able to travel to or via Iceland with a Registered Assistance Dog/service dog, they must additionally hold a prior authorization issued by MAST, the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority. MAST requires that travelers with Registered Assistance Dogs/service dogs complete and return an application for a dog import permit, or for permission to transit through Keflavik Airport with their dog. Find more information at the official website of the Icelandic Food and Veterinary AuthorityLink opens in a new tab.

Per the rules and regulations of the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority, dogs in transit are not permitted to come in contact with other animals at Keflavik Airport. Passengers traveling with Registered Assistance Dogs/service dogs, who are connecting through Keflavik Airport, must wait for their connecting flight in a designated area of the terminal. At the time of departure, a member of airport staff will accompany the passenger and their Registered Assistance Dog/service dog to the departure gate.

UK restrictions

You can enter the UK with your Registered Assistance Dog/service dog if it:

·         Has been microchipped

·         Has a pet passport or health certificate

·         Has been vaccinated against rabies – it will also need a blood test if you’re traveling from a country that is not listed.

Please see more information on the UK Government websiteLink opens in a new tab.

Northern Ireland restrictions

Registered Assistance Dogs/service dogs are allowed to enter Northern Ireland as long as they adhere with animal health controls.

·         The RAD/service dog must meet relevant rules which vary depending on which country the dog is coming from.

·         The passenger needs to contact the Department for Agriculture no more than 5 working days and no less than 1 working day prior to travel by:

o   Filling in a notice form or;

o   E-mailing it together with the Annex IV form or (if applicable) the following pages from the EU Pet Passport (iii) marking of animal, (v) vaccination against rabies and (vi) rabies antibody titration test to [email protected] in order to facilitate checks by officials at Dublin airport.

Please note that there is a fee for compliance checks (Euro cash only). Only RAD/service dogs that are compliant with the rules will be allowed to travel in the cabin of the aircraft when entering Northern Ireland.

Please see more information on the Department of Agriculture websiteLink opens in a new tab.

US restrictions

Passengers traveling with a Registered Assistance Dog/service dog need to be able to provide a health certificate and guide dog ID book upon booking the service, as well as at the airport. The RAD/service dog needs to be registered with an accredited organization, a list of which can be found under Definition above.