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Can I only purchase bags online?

No, there are a few different ways to add baggage to your booking

Five ways to play with your baggage

You can purchase baggage when you initially book your ticket and until one hour before your flight. Below are 5 different ways to add baggage. Option 1 is always the cheapest. The same price applies to steps 2 and 3 but choosing steps 4 or 5 will bring some extra cost for you.

  1. During booking: When booking is initially made on our website, there is an option to add additional baggage allowance. 
  2. After booking: You can always access your booking on our website and from there you can add additional baggage allowance up until 24 hours prior to departure – when online check-in opens.
  3. During online check-in: With less than 24 hours to your flight, baggage allowance can be added through the web check-in portal. You can add baggage through the web check-in portal up until 1 hour prior departure.
  4. Through our Service Team: You can add baggage allowance by contacting our Service Team. Please note that this extra service will cost you more. 
  5. At the airport: You can add baggage during check-in at the airport. Of these options, this one will cost you the most. 

All baggage allowance is non-refundable and not transferable, even though it is not used.