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PLAY Airlines Accessibility Plan and Feedback Process

Provision of CTA Accessibility - Related Regulations

PLAY airlines adheres to the regulations established under subsection 170(1) of the Canada Transportation Act: Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations: ss. 5(1)(a), 24-61:


We value feedback and strive for continuous improvement. We believe in fostering a barrier-free environment that promotes equal access and participation for all individuals. Customers with complaints or feedback related to disability service requests can contact our dedicated Complaint Resolution Officer, Open Doors Organization for assistance at: play_cro@opendoorsnfp.orgLink opens in a new tab   

Feedback Process and Contact Information

The person designated for receiving feedback on PLAY‘s Accessibility Plan is Hólmfríður María, Service Manager. 

To request an alternate format of our accessibility plan, alternate description of the feedback process or to provide feedback, please contact us by using one of the following methods:



Fly Play

Sudurlandsbraut 14

108 Reykjavík



+354 800 9668

Feedback may be provided anonymously. We will acknowledge receipt of feedback, other than anonymous feedback, in the same way it was received. 

We will provide the following alternative formats of this plan and feedback process on request:

  • Print
  • Large print 
  • Braille 
  • Audio (a recording of someone reading the text out loud)

Statement of Commitment

PLAY airlines is committed to advancing accessibility and making it a priority in the delivery of our services. This accessibility plan represents our commitment to identifying barriers that our passengers may experience, and to taking meaningful action to reduce and/or remove them completely. We will engage with persons with disabilities to better understand their experiences and meet their need when interacting with us. We recognize the significance of advancing accessibility to identify barriers and prevent the creation of any accessibility obstacles as we continue to evolve.

Communication, other than ICT

We strive to ensure that all communication is created and distributed with accessibility in mind. This commitment extends across various communication channels, such as emails, letters, website content, and social media platforms. We recognize that effective communication is essential for both our customers and employees to understand and engage with information provided.

Our goals are to ensure the communications with our customers are created in a clear and easily understandable language to ensure that all customers can comprehend the information without confusion and to educate our employees on effective communication strategies when interacting with colleagues and customers with disabilities.

Special Assistance - FAQs and answers | PLAY airlines ( opens in a new tab

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 

We prioritize the accessibility of information needed for travel by all passengers, including those requiring special assistance. To achieve this, we leverage information and communication technologies (ICT). 

Passengers can conveniently utilize our website and online services to make or modify reservation and seek information related to their travel with us. 

Additionally, our website hosts comprehensive information regarding accessibility and available options for passengers when traveling with us: 

Special Assistance - FAQs and answers | PLAY airlines ( opens in a new tab

 In line with our commitment to providing accessible and inclusive services, we adhere to a comprehensive set of policies, programs, and practices aimed at identifying, eliminating, and prevent barriers across various domains, including accessibility, communication, mobility devices, service animals, and customer complaints. We regularly perform a thorough review of our websites, software, applications, and other digital platforms to identify potential accessibility barriers to ensure they meet accessibility standards. Our website and this accessibility plan and feedback process meets the requirements of Level AA conformance that are set out in the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, published by the World Wide Web Consortium). 

Design and delivery of programs and services

PLAY airlines is committed to the inclusive and accessible design and delivery of our programs and services. Common challenges can include physical barriers in airport facilities, communication barriers, limitations in the availability of assistive devices, and inadequate staff training in disability awareness and assistance. We will continue working to address these challenges. By working to address these challenges, we will enhance the overall travel experience for passengers with disabilities to identify and address areas for improvement in the design and delivery of our programs and services. 

In the development of our training program for front-line employees, we sought expertise from OpenDoors Organization, an organization specializing in services for individuals with disabilities. 

Our goal is to continue our dialogue with local disability advocacy groups and organizations to gain valuable insights and perspectives on accessibility. We will stay up to date with accessibility guidelines and best practices established by relevant authorities and organizations. We will initiate internal accessibility awareness campaigns to raise awareness throughout the company.


PLAY airlines recognized the unique needs of individuals with disabilities that travel with us. We are dedicated to addressing these needs in the design and delivery of our travel offerings.

Our goal is to update our internal policy for how to handle PWD’s when a flight diversion occurs in regards of alternative means of transportation and accommodation, review the process of pre-seating arrangement to ensure that body paralyzed passengers get the proper seat assigned and ensure that PLAY’s employees who have direct contact with PWD’s have undergone sufficient training in understanding and handling various disabilities.

Built environment

We are dedicated to formulate policies, programs, practices, and services that proactively identify, eliminate, and prevent barriers within passenger terminals, boarding gates, ticket counters, aircraft, ramps, lifts, and other elements that passengers interact with during their travel. 

Our goal is to initiate a thorough review of all facilities used by us during our passengers travel to identify any accessibility barriers. 


In the development of this Accessibility Plan, we established the PLAY airlines Accessibility working group, which consists of our employees from various departments. The working group has engaged in consultation with our employees and with both local and international organizations, such as Icelandic Disability Alliance and Open Doors Organisation. Feedback from our working group and organizations have played a major role in shaping this Accessibility Plan. We recognize that consultations should be an ongoing practice. By continuing to engage in meaningful conversations and expanding our outreach efforts, we are determined to further advance our accessibility initiatives and ensure that the diverse needs of people with disabilities are effectively met. 


1. Accessibility Policies: 

2. Communication Policies: 

3. Mobility Devices: 

4. Service Animals: