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Mar 31, 2022

PLAY's passengers can now compensate their CO2 footprint

PLAY customers can now compensate for their CO2 footprint of their flights with solutions that remove carbon from the atmosphere. This is one part of the PLAY sustainability journey.

Customers can choose between three different portfolios of projects, which represent the real price of properly removing CO2. The projects range from planting trees that absorb CO2 from the air, to using technological solutions like Bio-oil and Blue Carbon that can permanently remove CO2 from the atmosphere. The solutions have different effects in terms of social impact and climate benefits. By offering different portfolios, PLAY wants to meet their wide range of customers who have different demands and leeway to carbon offset their flights.

"It is no secret that the aviation industry is a polluting industry and that is why we emphasize on making our sustainability journey transparent, measurable and credible. I am convinced that customers will be happy to finally be able to carbon offset their flights. When it came to choosing a partner for the project, we had clear requirements to only offer solutions that carbon offsets in a credible and responsible way and bring real climate benefits. We chose to work with Klimate, a Danish start-up company, as they meet all the above requirements. We are just starting our sustainability journey and this initiative is only one of our first steps," says Rakel Eva Sævarsdóttir, director of Sustainability at PLAY.

Further information about PLAY ‘s sustainability actions and how passengers can carbon offset their flights can be found here: opens in a new tab