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Jan 9, 2023

PLAY to Venice

PLAY airlines has launched ticket sales for flights from Venice in Italy. PLAY will operate two flights a week on Thursdays and Sundays from June 29 to October 1 in 2023. 

Bologna is in PLAY´s route network for the summer of 2023. The city was one of PLAY´s most popular destinations in 2022. Because Bologna had such a high demand, PLAY decided to add another Italian destination to its route network and the results were Venice.

Venice, the iconic floating city in the northeast of Italy, is one of the world's most romantic and unique destinations. With its winding canals, charming bridges, stunning architecture, and rich cultural heritage, Venice is an unforgettable destination and a place of endless fascination.

For centuries, Venice has been a favored destination of artists, writers, filmmakers and travelers who have come to admire its beauty and be inspired by its art. The city's maze of canals was originally designed as a means of transportation and defense but has become one of Italy’s biggest draws for tourists. A leisurely gondola ride is the perfect way to get a feel for Venice, winding your way through narrow waterways and under picturesque bridges.

Whether you're traveling solo, as a family or with friends, Venice is sure to captivate and enchant you with its timeless beauty, amazing art and unique charm.

„This is fantastic news that PLAY will be operating in Venice in 2023. Everywhere PLAY goes, the ticket prices drop, so by adding a destination in Italy, more people can enjoy affordable air travel, which is our mission at PLAY,“ says Birgir Jónsson, CEO of PLAY.