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Jun 8, 2021

Our uniforms are finally here and they mean business!

A new era of cabin crew uniforms

It’s safe to say that PLAY’s new uniforms belong to a new era of cabin crew uniforms. Our uniforms were designed by designer couple Gunni Hilmars and Kolla who were keen to tackle a fresh take on what is usually a very traditional line of clothing. “We were honored and pleased to get to work with PLAY on this clothing line for their uniforms. We really wanted to throw out all those old ideas about airline uniforms and bring in more comfort. We tried to scrap the constrictive rules often associated with these uniforms and include relaxed fits, stretchy fabrics and of course, shoes meant for working on your feet! The result is a mix of active wear and a fresh uniform.”

Our cabin crew members tested out the comfortable attire during a recent photoshoot with karate kicks and yoga poses, seeing as nothing is holding them back now. But despite being fresh and fashionable, these uniforms were not designed for photoshoots. Rather, they are meant to encompass our core values, simplicity, playfulness, competitiveness, equality and on-time performance.

“It was really satisfying to see how well Gunni and Kolla got our brief and our ideas for this line. We had certain ideas about the clothing and how it should represent and work with our brand and the results are just amazing,” says Jónína Guðmundsdóttir, CPO of PLAY.

Forget running around in high heels - comfortable sneakers are the way to go. Instructions regarding hair, make up, tattoos and nail polish are gone. The uniforms are not gender specific, and our crew can pick whatever works for them from a varied selection of outfits. As if that wasn’t enough, they also manage to look simply amazing!

PLAY crew uniforms
PLAY crew uniforms