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Oct 7, 2021

Positive Demand Trends and New Destinations

  • 96.2% on-time arrivals in September 2021
  • Load factor was 52.1%
  • Ticket sales increased again in September after being affected by COVID-19 pandemic this summer
  • The load factor is expected to rise for the full month of October, the fourth month in a row.

In September, PLAY carried 15,223 passengers. The load factor was 52.1%, compared to 46% in August. The improved load factor reflects recovering demand both to and from Iceland. During the month there was a decline in the number of passengers who   changed their bookings due to Covid-19. This reflects the decline in the number of COVID-19 cases in Iceland, growing consumer confidence and the relaxation of travel restrictions in Iceland and abroad. Inbound demand has also been rising as PLAY becomes a better known brand in markets outside of Iceland and COVID-19 travel restrictions are relaxed. This positive demand trend continues into October and the coming months look very promising, the load factor is expected to rise for the full month of October, the fourth month in a row.

New Cities To Be Added and Largest Hiring Yet

In September, PLAY announced a recruitment drive to fill 100 cabin crew and 50 flight crew positions to support the airline’s growth for 2022.  This will double the number of employees employed by the company.

Due to the positive demand trends outlined above, PLAY has added Amsterdam as a new destination to its winter schedule. The first flight to Amsterdam will be on December 3, with flights initially operating Mondays and Fridays and Thursdays and Sundays to be added from December 16. Additional new destinations in Europe will be announced in the coming weeks.

“We have been careful in our plans due to the pandemic. As the local tourism shows signs of recovery and travel restrictions are being relaxed, we see our load factor increase and very positive demand trends for the future. It’s safe to say that we are optimistic and looking forward to a robust next year. I am truly excited to welcome new members to our team and we are very proud to be able to provide all these new jobs. We have exciting times ahead of us,” says Birgir Jónsson CEO. 

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