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Cheap flights to Iceland and Europe!

About PLAY

The sky is our playground!

PLAY is a new Icelandic low-cost airline operating flights between North America and Europe. PLAY offers low-cost flights and a safe and pleasant journey in our new and comfortable Airbus aircraft.

Look on the light side in Iceland

Enjoy the magical winter season in Iceland. The long darkness offers many spectacular moments with the moon, the stars and the amazing northern lights playing lead roles. It’s a time to celebrate the light in the dark, and these cold months offer tranquil moments in the luxurious warmth of our natural geothermal heat.

What’s stopping you from gazing up at the northern lights from a luxurious hot tub in the dark? Be warm. Be well. Be welcome.

The old-world charm of Europe

Visit the oldschool charmers of Europe. PLAY offers affordable flights to some of Europe's most legendary cities. Enjoy the museums, the markets, the history, the colorful atmosphere and cobblestoned streets of cities such as Paris, Berlin, London, Brussels, Copenhagen and Dublin. Each with their own distinct character and wonderful culture, these old-world charmers are dreamlike destinations for any traveler. Cross the pond for less and step into the historical cities of Europe.


Stately Brussels is one of the most exciting gastronomical destinations in the world


Berlin, a city so enriched with history and culture that it is itself like a huge museum park.


Copenhagen is a nostalgic capital city full of eccentric fairytale charm.


The capital of Ireland is a charming place full of interesting history and vibrant city life.


London is a central hub of global culture and commerce but it's also the ultimate metropolis.


For the globetrotting cosmopolitan there is no destination quite like dreamy Paris