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Board of Directors

Sigurður Kári Kristjánsson Chairman of the board

Sigurður Kári Kristjánsson


Sigurður Kári Kristjánsson is a Supreme Court Attorney and a partner of the law firm LLG Lögmenn ehf., where he has practiced law since 2011. Sigurður Kári has been the Chairman of the Board of Iceland’s Natural Disaster Insurance for many years, in addition to being a member of various committees and boards, including the Supervisory Board of the Central Bank. Sigurður Kári was a Member of Parliament from 2003-2009 and served intermittently as an alternate Member of Parliament until 2011. Sigurður Kári is considered to be independent from the company, its management team and large shareholders.

Skúli Skúlason vice chariman of the board

Skúli Skúlason

Vice Chairman

Skúli Skúlason represents the investment group FEA ehf.

Skúli has over 25 years of aviation and airline operations experience. Skúli was one of the founders of Airport Associates (est. in 1997) and Bluebird Cargo (est. in 1999). At Bluebird Cargo, Skúli served multiple key management roles, including CEO from 2007-2014.

Valentín Lago a member of the board.

Valentín Lago

Valentín Lago boasts a distinguished career spanning more than 30 years in the airline industry. He has held multiple leadership roles, including serving as a board member and chief executive officer. Notably, he was an executive of Iberia Express and Vueling, as well as CEO of Air Europa. Recently, he has devoted his expertise to running his own consulting agency.

Lago's academic background includes a PhD in economics and a degree in aerospace engineering.

Guðný Hansdóttir a member of the board.

Guðný Hansdóttir

Guðný Hansdóttir holds an MBA degree from the Florida Institute of Technology and a BS degree in Marketing from the same school. Guðný has been vetted through an eligibility assessment by the Financial Supervisory Authority in Iceland.

Guðný was the VP of Human Resources at Skeljungur 2009-2014. Previous positions include Foreign Marketing coordinator at Penninn Officeday, VP of Human Resources of Air Atlanta and Director of Cabin Crews at Icelandair.

Guðný sat on the boards of Parlogis and Mjöll Frigg. She is currently a board member of Frumherji since 2015 and VÍS since March 2020, as well as being on the Pay Conditions Committee and Audit Board of the latter.

Guðný has extensive experience in human resources, marketing, policy making, management and planning.

María Rúnarsdóttir a member of the board.

María Rúnarsdóttir

María Rúnarsdóttir is an independent investor. María previously worked as the CFO of real estate company SMI ehf. and Korputorg ehf., a consultant at KPMG Consultants and CFO of Svar technologies. She was also one of the founders of MINT Solutions ehf. María currently sits on the board of numerous companies, including Arctica Finance hf., MINT Solutions BV., Umbra ehf., Uniconta Iceland ehf., NMR ehf., and EA14 ehf.

María has an MBA degree from MIT (Massachusetts Institution of Technology) in the United States and a BSc degree in Business from Reykjavik University.