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May 31, 2022

The Highlights of Washington, DC

Today, the once nicknamed “city of magnificent distances,” Washington DC stands tall as the “city of magnificent buildings.” If you intend to tour Washington DC soon, you can be sure that your trip will be action-packed with enough highlights and adventures.

This modern seat of the United States government carries the pride of being the capital of the free world on top of the numerous fascinations that make up the famous chocolate city. 

For any first-time visitor, a tour of Washington DC presents a chance to explore the rich culture, heritage, and little-known historical foundations of the United States. The bustling capital also busks in the glory of magnificent artistic and architectural wonders, whose history dates back hundreds of years. For nightlife lovers, Washington DC is the other city that never sleeps. Have you been researching around for the key highlights of Washington, DC? You aren’t ready for what this great District has to offer. Buckle up as we explore the magnificence of the District of Columbia.

The Highlights of Washington DC

Washington DC is among the few destinations anyone would want to visit twice. There’s so much to see and explore that you might need a few days to see it all. Do you doubt it? Picture all these:

1. The White House

The White House is among the few installations that any visitor touring Washington DC would wish to get a glimpse of, even if for a second. Did you know that the White House has secure sidings made up of more than 147 bulletproof windows? This building hosts the office of the most powerful man on earth, which informs this need for extra security.  The White House also has an entire SWAT team positioned at the roof of the building and a further 1,300 staffers stationed within the facility.

All White House tours are free. Visitors must, however, work within the official schedules. The 132- roomed, 70 feet tall marvel offers visitors the chance to spend a few hours in the POTUS residence. There’s a lot to learn during this short span at the White House.

2. The Washington Monument

The Washington monument symbolizes the nation to Americans. Did you know that the construction of the white marble obelisk that makes up this historic monument began in 1848? The monument stands 555ft tall or at least 169 meters from the ground. The fascinating monument currently attracts at least 800,000 tourists every year.

But who wouldn’t fancy the chance for a lift ride up 555ft? You also get to enjoy a 360 degrees bird’s view of the entire city while at the top of the monument. The Washington Monument was a commemoration of the great George Washington, who was once the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. If you are a student of history, then this is one place that will undoubtedly fascinate you.

3. The U.S. Capitol

The United States House of Representatives and the Senate have met at the Capitol for two centuries. This tells you the historical significance that the Capitol holds. Anyone visiting Washington DC would fancy a visit to this architecturally impressive installation.

The U.S. Capitol covers 175,170 square feet, equivalent to 4 acres of land. The Capitol’s length from North to South is 751 feet 4 inches. You would easily get lost in one corner of this vast architectural marvel. Did you know that the capital was first opened on November 17, 1800? The facility serves as both the official seat of the government and as a museum. Your next visit to Washington DC will offer a chance for you to tour one of the most critical legislative seats the world over.

4. The National Air and Space Museum

The history of flights from the Wright brothers’ first aircraft to the modern JF-17 Thunder model presents excellent lessons. Where else can you gather such critical details other than from the famous National Air and Space Museum? This Museum helps visitors take a breathtaking journey through memory lane. You’ll get to see firsthand how technological advancements over the years have changed our airspace.

You’ll also get to experience firsthand the flight that put the first human beings on the moon. The best part is that the Museum has loads of kid-friendly interactive exhibits. Therefore, definitely bring your kids on the next trip to the National Air and Space Museum.

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5. The National Gallery of Art

Arts enthusiasts have a permanent affection for this destination. However, ordinary people also find significant meaning in this National Gallery of Art. The Gallery collects, preserves, exhibits, and fosters an understanding of works of art in the United States dating back hundreds of years. The Gallery was founded in 1937 and combines a blend of modern architecture with neoclassical designs.

It will take you at least 2 hours to go through the more than 75,000 prints in the collection. In the year 2020, the Gallery welcomed more than 730,408 visitors. Some of the most famous, must-see paintings during the visit include the portrait of the woman holding a balance (c.1664). The Skater is also another must-see painting during your visit to the National Gallery of Arts.

6. The Lincoln Memorial

Washington DC idolizes Abraham Lincoln through a momentous sculpture in the magnificent Grecian Temple. The Lincoln Memorial was opened officially in 1922 to honor America’s 16th president. Visitors touring this spot can take photos close to the 30m tall monument.

You also get to pay homage to the great ideals held by Lincoln regarding the freedom and dignity of all people. A visit to the Lincoln memorial reawakens a sense of nationalism and humanity. You can be sure that this destination will take you down history lanes. The marble statue, murals, and reflecting pools add a touch of class to the unique atmosphere at the Lincoln Memorial.

7. The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

The Smithsonian Museum is among the top highlights in Washington DC you can’t afford to miss. This Museum dates back to 1910 and holds one of the world’s most extensive collections. During your visit to the Museum, you’ll have access to natural history specimens and human artifacts. Some of the unique features you’ll marvel at include artifacts of the now-extinct dinosaurs and tools used by early man.

During the 2-3 hours tour of the Museum, you’ll get to explore an accurate virtual motion of a dinosaur’s skeleton. You’ll also have the privilege of assessing some of the most in-depth research ever made on human artifacts. Entering the Smithsonian Museum will give you access to more than 155 million artefacts and specimens. The Museum and Zoo open visitors’ minds to the rich history of nature and human beings.

8. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The Holocaust was one of the darkest points in the history of humankind. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum building was a deliberate move to remind the world how much hatred and intolerance can erode the ideals of a people. The permanent exhibition offers visitors a moment of reflection on the world’s deadliest genocide.

The lengthy films, eyewitness testimonies, and photographs will keep you fully engaged for more than two hours. You’ll leave this spot with firsthand details and chronological events leading up to the Holocaust. If you are interested in human conflict, the Holocaust Memorial is among the must-visit sites on your next visit to Washington DC.

Washington DC: A Destination Full of Surprises

If you intend to visit Washington DC soon, you probably wonder if there’s much to see in this top-rated city.  Apart from being the seat of the National government, Washington DC is a true hotbed of tourist attractions. The top highlights of Washington DC range from historical sites, government installations, museums, and Zoos. Visitors coming into this city can explore the monuments, art galleries, and artifacts that make up the rich history of this City of Magnificent buildings.

While at it, you also learn about the exciting history of the United States and its heroes. The Holocaust memorial will also remind you of the dark history of human conflict. Overall, Washington is one of the most memorable destinations on your bucket list.

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