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Nov 8, 2022

The Best of Brussels

Panorama of Brussels in a beautiful summer day

If you are looking to visit a city that is full of culture, tradition and unique architecture, then Brussels is for you.

Brussels is known for its lively neighborhoods with loads of restaurants, pubs, and bars. It has some wonderful museums that reflect Belgian culture, art, and history.

With its long, rich history and unbeatable location, there is no wonder that Brussels has become one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations. If you are looking to visit this unique city, here are 12 items to add to your to-do list.


12 Things to Do in Brussels

Brussels is an amazing city to visit. It has a wide variety of attractions for everyone and is popular for all sorts of reasons. Here are a few of the many things that you can do in the capital of Belgium.



Visit the Royal Palace of Brussels

The Royal Palace of BrusselsLink opens in a new tab is the official palace of the King and Queen of Belgium. It's located in the heart of the city, just a short walk from Grand Place. Its most famous feature is its location on top of a small hill, with a view over Brussels. Due to its proximity to the Royal Palace, the area around the Grand Place has been a center of activity since the Middle Ages.

This is one of the most iconic buildings in Brussels and it's worth taking some time to wander around and explore. You won’t be disappointed.

See the Atomium

Another must-see, the AtomiumLink opens in a new tab is a giant metal structure that was built for the 1958 Brussels World's Fair. It looks like a ball of nine steel spheres that has been cut in half and spread out from the center. The Atomium was intended to be temporary, but it has since been designated as a national monument of Belgium.

It was designed by the engineer André Waterkeyn and architect Albert Roosens. The structure's nine spheres are dedicated to the nine modern states of Belgium at the time of its construction.



Add Mini Europe to your list

Mini EuropeLink opens in a new tab is a miniature theme park located on the outskirts of Brussels. It has an amazing collection of miniature replicas of iconic landmarks from all around Europe. There are 10,000 statues in total and over 400 models in the park. Mini Europe offers an immersive experience and is perfect for both adults and kids. If you plan on visiting Brussels, this is one you have to check out.

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Go past the Comic Book Museum

If you're a comic book fan, the Comic Book MuseumLink opens in a new tab is a must-see destination. Located near the Montgomery metro station, it showcases over 40 000 comics and figures from all over the world. There's also a café where you can enjoy coffee or tea while reading your favorite comic book.



Check out the Grand Place

The Grand PlaceLink opens in a new tab is the central square in Brussels. It's the largest square in the city and one of its most recognizable landmarks. It features a mix of medieval architecture, with modern-day art pieces scattered around. It's also home to a large statue of King Leopold I who ruled Belgium until his death.

The buildings around the Grand Place are made of richly decorated bricks and stones. People gather here to enjoy traditional Belgian food and to see the city's cultural richness.

Brussels - Grand place, Belgium

Explore Uccle

Exploring Uccle is a must. This region of the city has a variety of parks, museums, and the Royal Castle. The Gardens of Laeken are also worth a visit. If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, UccleLink opens in a new tab is for you. There are plenty of green spaces to enjoy if you are looking to get outdoors for a run, walk, or cycle.



See Musée Magritte Museum

The Musée Magritte MuseumLink opens in a new tab is one of the most visited museums in Brussels. It is home to 300 paintings and 400 drawings created by René Magritte. You can see many of his pieces, including “The Son of Man” and “This is not a pipe”.

This museum is a wonderful place to learn about the life and work of René Magritte.



Visit Palais de Justice 

Located in the center of Brussels, the Palais de JusticeLink opens in a new tab is one of the most iconic symbols of Belgium. It’s believed to be the largest building constructed in the 19th century, covering over 260 000 square feet. The style of the building is Assyro-Babylonian. It features a large glittering golden dome and numerous columns. This is one building you must visit on your trip to Brussels.

Stroll through Leopold Park

Leopold ParkLink opens in a new tab is one of the most underrated green spaces in Brussels. It's a haven for families, joggers, and anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors and breath-taking views.



Shop at Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries

The Royal Saint-Hubert GalleriesLink opens in a new tab is an ensemble of glazed shopping arcades in the center of Brussels. It's an excellent place to find quality antiques, furniture, and art. There are a variety of shops, cafes, auditoriums, restaurants, and the Théâtre du Vaudeville. You can’t visit Brussels without checking the Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries out.



Take a look at the Manneken Pis

Manneken PisLink opens in a new tab is one of the most famous figures in Brussels. It's a bronze sculpture of a boy urinating into the fountain below. The statue is dressed in outfits that change with national holidays and celebrations. It's easy to find because it's right in the center of town.

Go to St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral

St Michael and St Gudula CathedralLink opens in a new tab is one of the best-known landmarks in Brussels. It’s a Roman Catholic Church that was built in the 12th century. The interior is very ornate with many statues, paintings, and stained glass windows throughout. Inside you will find a large bronze statue portraying Archangel Michael slaying a dragon - one of many artworks decorating its walls.

In short, Brussels is a wonderful destination for any traveler, offering charming attractions at every corner.


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