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Sep 12, 2023

Day Tours around Trondheim

Norway is the Land of the Midnight Sun, known for Vikings, mythical folklore, the spectacular northern lights, and some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. While most visitors head to Oslo and Bergen as the most popular cities in Norway, Trondheim is an excellent choiceLink opens in a new tab for travelers seeking the off-beaten path.

If you have a couple of days to spare during your great European tour, here are the best things to do around Trondheim.

Walkthrough the City

Walkthrough the City

Trondheim has thousands of years of history within its relatively small city center. A walking tourLink opens in a new tab of the city is a great way to orient yourself to Trondheim's colorful wooden buildings, lovely cafés, curious shops, and hidden gems, all in one day.

Find a local guide, wear your most comfortable walking shoes, and get ready for an adventure filled with fun facts and stories about this wonderful city. The medieval Nidaros CathedralLink opens in a new tab is a must-see during your walking tour. Learn its restoration story through the ages, and view the Norwegian Royal Regalia preserved in the cathedral.

Hike in Bymarka Nature Reserve

Hike in Bymarka Nature Reserve

On the western side of Trondheim lies Bymarka Nature ReserveLink opens in a new tab. It has six main hiking trails for visitors of all ages, all of which are great for hiking all year round. Hike through the quiet forests and lakes, follow ancient Pilgrim Paths, or find that perfect panoramic shot to take it all in.

Enjoy the traditional Norwegian lunch on your hiking day too. It comprises brown bread with brown cheese, coffee, and a Kvikk Lunsj (Norwegian "quick lunch" chocolate bar). Best of all, you get to and from Bymarka using the world's northernmost tram, the GraakallbanenLink opens in a new tab, which is a piece of Trondheim history in its own right.

Sunbathe on a Tiny Island

MunkholmenLink opens in a new tab was the execution ground during the age of the Vikings, but don't let that scare you away. This small island is perfect for a relaxing boat ride to the small beach for sunbathing and a little picnic during the summer.

Munkholmen is just over a mile from Trondheim by boat or ferry. Take a walking tour of the harbor, or simply stroll around and enjoy some coffee and sandwiches on the island.

Go skiing in Trondheim

Winter is just as great as summer in Trondheim, where the snow transforms the city into a winter wonderland. As they say in NorwayLink opens in a new tab, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Rent a pair of skis or a sled, wear your warm, waterproof gear, and head outside to enjoy the snow.

You could choose to spend a weekend at the largest ski resort in Norway, the Oppdal Ski CenterLink opens in a new tab, which is a scenic 3-hour train ride from Trondheim. If you wish to stay in Trondheim for the winter, book a snow-centric Norwegian tour with activities like building a snowman to sledding like a pro.

Soak Up Some Live Jazz

The Trondheim Jazz FestivalLink opens in a new tab (Jazzfest) takes place every year in May, and it features the best of Scandinavian and European jazz. This highly interactive show began back in 1980 and has delivered the best jazz acts every year since.

Julejazz is the Festival's version for the holidays. It happens every December in Trondheim and has grown into the largest indoor jazz event in Norway. That's two great reasons to add Trondheim to your itinerary.

Go To Hell—Literally

Hell house

Yes, there really is a place called HellLink opens in a new tab, and its right next to the Trondheim Airport Vaernes. The name itself comes from the Old Norse word for "overhang," and the Norwegian word for hell is "helvete." But for English speakers the world over, a village called Hell is a goldmine for jokes and puns.

Visit this place in the winter, when "Hell literally freezes over," or tell all your friends that you have your "one-way ticket to Hell." Enjoy the peaceful village filled with wooden houses, gardens, and small mom-and-pop shops when you get there. Check out the Stone Age rock carvings in Hell, which are some of the most famous in all of Norway.

Don't just snap some pun-tastic photos of the Hell road signs and buildings. Take your time and explore this little village and enjoy Norwegian hospitality.

Trondheim: All are Welcome!

Every kind of traveler will fall in love with Trondheim: medieval history buffs diving deep into the Viking Age, couples looking for a quiet honeymoon escape, adventurers on their European cross-country tour, chasers of the northern lights, you name it.