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Light mode in Iceland

Enjoy the midnight sun in Iceland

The long and dark winter is over and it's time to embrace the endless daylight of summer in Iceland. The brightest time of year is the best time for long days of exploring and our summers are often the best kind of mild. Escape the suffocating heat and enjoy the fresh air in the untouched wilderness of Iceland. Not a minute goes to waste with the option of doing 24-hour excursions to see the wild landscapes of Iceland and enjoying the wonderful nightlife of Reykjavik until the wee hours of the morning.

Enjoy a different experience and have an otherworldly summer in Iceland.

Here’s a little secret. Icelanders generally kind of love their winters. Yes, they’re quite long, they’re very dark and they can be cold but they’re also kind of lovely, incredibly cozy and they come with the most wonderful light display in the form of our beloved northern lights. But after these long stretches of darkness, the mood undeniably lifts in spring when the days get longer, and the endless daylight and the midnight sun of summer are just around the corner.

When it comes to healthy activities and rewarding hobbies, few rival the good ol’ hike. We’d like to argue that hiking in Iceland multiplies the great benefits of hiking by supplying a real feast for the senses.

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If you’re visiting Iceland and looking for something unique, an interesting afternoon and an activity for the whole family, we highly recommend an encounter with our whales. Iceland is after all a prime location to go whale watching. At least 23 species of whale have been spotted around Iceland. Some wander occasionally into these waters while others have permanent residence here and are commonly seen close to the shore.

There’s nothing quite like a road trip in Iceland. Most visitors will comment on the seemingly endless surprises revealed at every turn, the vast views, and extraordinary landscapes. An excursion in Iceland should prove to be an experience like no other, but we meant what we said: there’s nothing quite like a road trip in Iceland. This means thinking like a sheep, staying on top of the weather forecast and expecting the unexpected.

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