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Apr 5, 2022

Lovely Liverpool

Lovely Liverpool

Liverpool, the maritime city, sitting in the Northwest of England, has been a prominent feature since the 18th century. The ‘hometown of the Beatles’ was a key port for trade and migration and still provides a beautiful view of the meeting point of River Mersey and the Irish sea.

For now, we put everything about trade aside and think about the adventures in Liverpool. If you are looking forward to an experience in the tenth largest English district, Liverpool looks forward to welcoming you to its thrilling diversity.

From its arena of attractions, hotels, restaurants, bars, parks, sports and art centers, beaches, galleries, and museums, Liverpool gives you every reason to catch a PLAY flight. Each attraction stands out in its own right, but of course, there are a couple of big hitters you wouldn’t want to miss.

Here is your guide to an unmatched experience in the lovely city of Liverpool.

Museums in Liverpool

Liverpool has more museums and galleries than any other city in the UK besides the capital for those who love arts, culture, and history. They are among the most impressive in Europe, and a couple of them are free to enter.

The Museum of Liverpool

With over 6,000 objects, the Museum of Liverpool presents you with the city’s heritage of life and numerous celebrations of its achievements. It’s an iconic museum and well worth the visit.

You will find and access thousands of engaging exhibits portraying the city’s rich and popular culture. The railway overhead also provides an opportunity to hop in and explore other historical, social, and contemporary areas associated with Liverpool.

World Museum

Located in Merseyside, Liverpool, the World Museum takes you through thousands of years of history surrounding the UK and the world. You will marvel at the collections from distant continents and ancient civilizations, including a 5,000-year adventure to ancient Egypt.

You experience an adventure into the land of the Pharaoh and a journey through the precious Egyptian collections in the UK.

Quirky Quarter

Take your journey through a weird and wonderful experience at Quirky Quarter, where everything seems to literally bog your senses. Upside down is the main theme of this all-age destination that is packed with mind-boggling workouts, puzzling challenges, and interactive experiences.

Walker Art Gallery

The Walker Art Gallery is home to a vast collection of ancient, modern, and contemporary art, ranging from paintings and decorative art to sculpture. You will find collections spanning more than 600 years and more recent works of John Moores, Henry Moore, Lucien Freud, and Peter Doig.

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Restaurants in Liverpool

Liverpool has a rich food heritage with cuisines that will suit any preference. As a historic port city, you will likely encounter international flavors whether you are up for street food or fine dining.


Spire is an award-winning local eatery that provides visitors with modern British and European cuisines, although they are normally closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. One of the worthwhile main courses at Spire is Goosenagh chicken, smoked bacon and cabbage, shallot puree, potato, and celeriac.

The Art School Restaurant

The Art School Restaurant is perfect for any Liverpool visitor looking for a fine dining experience. The historic Victorian building is all about expertly-prepared and delicious British cuisines. Some of the light bites you will love at the restaurant include the Marinated Gordal olives, the smoked Anchovies and Confit Tomatoes, and Pan-roast Morcilla and Southport smoked pork.

Aldente Restaurant

Enjoy exquisite meals served with Mediterranean wine in an outdoor setting or within the uniquely designed interior at Aldente.  You will have a taste of international ingredients sourced from Greece, Turkey, France, and Italy. Their tempting menu features an Italian soft scoop ice cream made with no preservatives, colors, or artificial flavors, a great treat after dinner.

A Tavola

Besides serving Italian dishes, you can also check in at the cookery school at A Tavola. It offers excellent grabs from desserts, food, coffee, and wine. It’s a wonderful eatery for a tasty snack or a whole course meal.

Night Clubs in Liverpool

Liverpool’s nightlife is as thrilling as its food heritage. Not only does the city have some of the best clubs in the country, but the best nightclubs also give you the Vegas experience. The city is known for fine club venues and ever-robust independence to introduce ideas and evolve the club culture.

Electrik Warehouse

Electrik Warehouse is one of Liverpool’s largest central clubs, occupying three floors and four additional rooms standing separately. The interior features vibrant murals, booths, and neon lights, giving it a perfect chill environment for a night of fun.

Drinks’ prices are reasonable, making it a popular destination among local and visiting students. If you love pop, rock, punk, or indie music, this club plays a mix of them all.

Flares Liverpool

Waste the night out in Liverpool at an iconic cavern club with a variety of cheap and tasty cocktails. Flares Liverpool will have you experience live music schedules with playlists drawn from the 70s to the latest hits. You can typically enjoy six nights of fun in a week if you are a real partygoer, and the large LED dance floor gives you enough room for all your moves.

Sonic Yootha

Dubbed as ‘the club that saved Liverpool’s gay scene,’ Sonic Yootha is a great nightclub for gender-blenders. The nightclub hosts a monthly Kitchen Street party whose playlist carries everything from soul, pop, techno, and rock.

While most people perceive Sonic Yootha as a club for heteros, homos, and gender-blenders, it’s typically a melting pot of anyone looking to have a queer night, including young, old, gay, and straight.

Heebie Jeebies

Popular for its nooks and crannies, Heebie Jeebies is among the buzziest nightclubs in Liverpool. It’s formally a wealthy shipping merchants joint, and its appeal is still not focused on the Liverpool student community.  It’s a club for partygoers, musicians, and anyone looking to have a guaranteed fun night.

Wrapping Up

Liverpool is a great destination if you are looking for some adventure, a guaranteed great night at a nightclub, some fine dining, or even street food. It's home to one of the best museums and galleries globally, and the Liverpool nightlife is a tremendous setting you can easily get lost in.

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