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Cheap flights to Prague


Cheap flights to Prague

You know all those glorious scenes of beautifully lit stone bridges and cobbled streets with charming street lamps and grand palaces you’ve seen James Bond sneak into in a tuxedo? Those were probably shot in Prague. This is the ultimate old-world charmer, rich in history, grand impressions and culture.

Few cities install a sense of awe for their sheer beauty as Europe’s reigning beauty queen and capital of the Czech Republic: Prague. This European jewel usually tops the charts when it comes to exquisite streetscapes and its history only adds to this grand impression.

Home to approx. 3 million people, Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic but that’s a relatively recent claim. Prague was also the capital and cultural center of the Bohemian kingdom and a very important city in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Habsburg Monarchy and the Holy Roman Empire. History buffs can spend years in Prague and still find new passions and relics on every corner and the historical importance of this city will not be lost on even their most reluctant travel companions.

For the quintessential Prague experience stand on the exquisite 13th century Charles Bridge, looking down into the Moldau river running below and blast Smetana’s Ma Vlast (My Fatherland) in your headphones (the second and most famous chapter is about this very river). Look up and fall in love with this city. While this is clearly a cliché, it’s a shared human experience and you’ll never forget it.

Prague’s stunning presence is not just about its beautiful and profound past. It also has a lively present and a colorful character. Think modern-day bohemian nightlife with charming alleys, chic cafés and wonderful restaurants. Think world-renowned museums and more art and music events than you can dream up. Think of an international hub of culture with fresh, up-and-coming art, design and music in the most beautiful classical European setting. Think treasure-hunting in an obscure boutique in a street from the Middle Ages. Think of a place where the old world runs beautifully alongside the new. That’s Prague for you, pretty much perfect.