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Gran Canaria

The Perfect Climate of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is an island in the Spanish archipelago known as the Canary Islands, just off the northwestern coast of Africa. While the island isn’t very large, it is packed with natural wonders and diverse destinations and activities, including the Canary Islands’ capital, Las Palmas.

The southern coast is home to some of Europe’s most popular sunny destinations, such as Playa del Inglés, Puerto Rico and San Augustín. Only approx. an hour’s drive north is the capital Las Palmas while the center of the island is a gorgeous mountainous area. It is as if this island was specifically designed for human beings because these conditions are as perfect as they come. With temperatures around and above 20°C, a soothing ocean breeze, wonderful beaches and clear waters off the coastline, it just doesn’t get much better than Gran Canaria.

Sun, Sand and the Great Outdoors

The resorts and accommodations on the southern coast are the most popular among those sun-loving holiday makers that just want a cold one with their sandy beaches but for those that need a little culture, pretty boutiques and some urban charm, the city of Las Palmas is an absolute gem. The city’s coastline includes a beautiful 3.5 km beach called Las Canteras which splits up into smaller beaches that locals use for water sports or relaxation, depending on conditions. The largest part of Las Canteras is called Playa Grande or “The Big Beach”. This is a wide yellow beach with calm waters thanks to the coral reef that protects it from the ocean waves. It is a wonderful place to hang out on your air mattress or snorkel while watching the colorful fishes and corals below. There is a reason why the beaches of Las Palmas are often named the world’s best city beaches.

Those that need a break from the sand will find plenty of activities in Gran Canaria. The island is home to wonderful golf courses, conditions for cycling are as good as they get and then there’s the zoos, the water parks, the museums and the amazing views and charm of the mountain villages.

Gran Canaria’s best feature is probably this unique blend of sunny beaches, wonderful mountain views and charming city life. Get the best out of your vacation, keep your expectations high and let Gran Canaria charm your socks, sandals and flippers off.