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Apr 11, 2022

Living the Dream and Dining in Paris

When you think of the world’s great food cities, Paris is probably top of mind. With over 113 Michelin-starred restaurants, the most of any city in Europe, it has certainly earned its reputation as a dream destination for any foodie.  

Long gone are the days of stuffy soups and snobby waiters. Paris is now home to not only some of the best fine dining in the world, but also has a vibrant street food scene. Whether you’re looking for escargots or an international take on the humble crêpe, Paris truly has something for every taste and budget. 

Fine Dining and Parisian Classics

No trip to the city of lights would be complete without trying at least a few of the classic recipes that made French food world famous.

La Tour d'Argent has been a highlight of the Parisian restaurant scene since the 19th century, known for both its extensive wine list (it has more than 300,000 bottles in its cellar) and its celebrity clientele (JFK, Charlie Chaplin, and Angelina Jolie have all dined here). Although its menu offers a wide array of meat, fish, and even plant-based options, duck remains La Tour d'Argent’s most popular order. And this classic French dish comes with a gimmick: Since 1890, every duck that’s left the kitchen has been individually numbered- they’re now into the millions- and served with a certificate to remember this truly once in a lifetime dining experience by. 

If you want to splurge on the best of Parisian fine dining, Épicure is truly its epitome. This three Micheline-starred restaurant in the Bristol Hotel can best be described in one word: refined. From the décor to the service, and, of course, the food, this is your chance to embrace old-fashioned, high-end French restaurant culture. Really, where else can you have macaroni stuffed with black truffle and foie gras?

For a somewhat more budget friendly, though still truly classic experience, Allard is a cozy gourmet bistro, serving traditional French fare. It’s less about trendy twists, and more about serving perfectly cooked food in a charming atmosphere. If escargot is on your Parisian bucket list, this is the place to try it.

Bakeries and Chocolatiers

Parisian baking is world famous for a reason. Buttery croissants, chocolate covered éclairs, and warm baguettes are all staples of the French diet, and the perfect way to grab breakfast on the go or re-fuel during a busy day of sightseeing.

Pain Pain serves some of the city’s best croissants, and is conveniently situated in the heart of buzzy Montmartre. If your Paris plans include strolling down a charming French rue and  eating a pastry, this is for you.

Stohrer is the oldest patisserie in Paris, and one of its best. Literally fit for a king, its founder supplied pastries for Louis XV.

Although it now has locations around the globe, Ladurée opened its first location on the Rue Royale, in the 8th arrondissement, nearly 160 years ago. Known for its iconic macarons- delicate, double-decker cookies with two layers of meringue, and a filling of ganache, buttercream, or jam - the brand has become synonymous with luxury.

French baking isn’t all about desserts, though. After a morning of gallery-hopping, a picnic déjeuner is a quintessentially French way to spend the afternoon. With its baguette voted the best in Paris in 2018, Boulangerie 2M is a short walk from the Jardin du Luxemburg, where you can people watch while you fill up on bread, brie, and wine.

International and Street Food

Parisian food is no longer all about steak frites or escargot. This city now attracts some of the most interesting chefs from around the world, serving food in high-end restaurants as well as from streets carts.

Liza is a stylish yet casual Lebanese restaurant, offering a mix of traditional Middle-Eastern cuisine and classic dishes with a modern, French-inspired take. It’s a busy spot at lunch, while in the evenings, the atmosphere is transformed, becoming much more romantic.

Anahi is an Argentine steakhouse that offers some of the best cuts of meat from around the globe alongside Central and South American classics, like tacos and guacamole. It also has an incredible selection of cocktails (in case you get tired of French wine).

Parisian street food is second to none, and no dish is as ubiquitous as the iconic crépes. La Créperie Saint Germain has both sweet and savory options to enjoy as you stroll along the Seine.

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