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Mar 24, 2022

Join the Party in Barcelona

Join the Party in Barcelona

The capital of Catalonia, Barcelona offers its visitors a vibrant nightlife full of unforgettable experiences and attractions. If you’re wanting to party from dawn to dusk you’ve come to the right place.

Barcelona is home to some of the finest restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and beach hotspots in the world. Let’s take a look at some of the city’s not to be missed nighttime attractions.    


Travelers looking for a big night out will not be disappointed with Barcelona’s epic selection of nightclubs. From huge dance halls to boutique music clubs, the Catalan city has it all.

Bling Bling Barcelona

This stylish nightclub is located in one of Barcelona’s most upscale neighborhoods. ‘Bling Bling Barcelona’ is famous for its sophisticated vibe and having one of the largest dance floors in Spain. Its VIP section is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or simply treat your friends to a legendary night out. Bling Bling Barcelona is open from Thursday to Saturday from 12pm till very late.

Club Macarena

If you’re looking for a more intimate nightclub then Club Macarena is worth a visit. The club has a capacity of only 80 guests and can be found in the heart of the Gothic neighborhood of Barcelona. Techno music lovers will enjoy the music blasting out of the speakers. The funky little club is open seven days a week from 12 pm till late.

Beach Clubs

Barcelona is world-famous for its sandy beaches and what better way to spend a night out in the city than at one of its spectacular beach clubs.

Carpe Diem Lounge Club

More famously known as ‘CDLC,’ this club is all about glamour on the beach. This is a restaurant by day before it transforms into an electrifying nightclub after dark. Make sure you dress in your finest attire as the dress code is rather strict. Discover why global celebrities choose to attend this Barcelona hotspot. CDLC is open every day from 12 pm till 3.30 am.

Opium Barcelona

Get amongst the ultimate beach club experience. Opium Barcelona provides partygoers with everything they could ever want on a night out. It’s home to a massive beach terrace which the hot, young crowd flock to. The chic, sleek decor adds to its exclusive feel and look. Opium is open every day from 12 pm till 5 am. 

Catwalk Club

Another not to be missed Barcelona beach club is the Catwalk Club. A popular bar with tourists with a capacity of 1000 people. This uber-cool establishment has three different rooms featuring three different music genres - commercial house, R & B, and a chill-out zone. The enormous dance floor is usually full of crazy partygoers busting a move. Dress to impress if you want to get past the doormen. The Catwalk Club is open from 12 pm - 6 am seven days a week.

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Cocktail Bars

For vacationers seeking an expertly made cocktail, here’s a couple of the best cocktail bars in Barcelona.

Dry Martini

Welcome to the legendary Barcelona cocktail bar, Dry Martini. It’s famous for its unequaled house concoction of the Dry Martini. Head bartender Javier de las Muelas is also a local legend, who performs a dedicated choreography when making each cocktail. Dry Martini is the ideal spot for a quiet drink in a relaxing atmosphere.


Solange is a cocktail bar designed in the theme of James Bond. If you’re lucky a gorgeous Bond girl or guy may just walk through the door to join you for a drink. It features a collection of the finest spirits in the city. Expect fantastic service and a cocktail you will never forget.


Foodies will love the range of delicious cuisine on offer in Barcelona. From traditional Spanish dishes to modern delicacies, it’s all available in this beautiful city.

Can Sole

Introducing one of the most famous Paella restaurants in Barcelona. Can Sole is situated in one of the upscale barrios in the city. It’s not only known for its paella but also its ‘grandmothers spoon food’. Find out what this local delicacy consists of. Can Sole is a cozy, charming restaurant that is the perfect setting before you head out to party or head back to your hotel.


Enjoy a majestic dining experience at Alkimia. Diners receive world-class service, a one-of-a-kind menu, and a stunning view from their tables. Head chef Jordi Vila’s adventurous dishes take your standard Spanish meals and give them a modern twist. Make sure you put Alkimia on your to-do list.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a destination to let your hair down, dance the night away or simply take your taste buds on a journey, Barcelona is the place for you. Go forth, visit Barcelona and party on.

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