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May 18, 2022

A Different Day in Gothenburg

In the recent past, Gothenburg has slowly risen to be among Sweden's most popular tourist destinations. Part of its charm comes from the exquisite seafood cuisine, 5-star restaurants, and picturesque scenery.

In Sweden, Gothenburg is known as Göteborg and is a rather special destination. The atmosphere in Gothenburg has a different vibe from Stockholm which lies further north. It feels more European with a friendlier climate.

Although the city has many popular destinations, there are numerous hidden charms that you can explore for a unique yet fascinating experience. Let’s take a tour and see what this beautiful land has to offer.

1. Gothenburg's Southern Archipelago

The ArchipelagoLink opens in a new tab is a group of 20 islands located about a half-hour drive from Gothenburg city. It has a serene atmosphere, pristine beaches, and breathtaking scenery.

The Archipelago is a great destination that allows for fun-filled activities such as sailing and sea-angling, lobster fishing, seal-safaris, and boat-loads of fun, literally.

Since the southern part is a car-free zone, it's perfect for hiking and cycling. If you prefer other modes of transport, you don’t have to worry about getting around. There are numerous ferry links to various places.

You can start with the main island on the north part of Archipelago, and then explore the other islands such as Hälsö, Hönö, and Fotö. Bridges interconnect most islands so you can capture your moments with beautiful photos.

This slice of Mother Nature promises well-maintained beaches, a breath of pure nature, and a pleasant atmosphere. You can enjoy the sun in the summer as you visit eateries such as DonsöLink opens in a new tab, where the fish preparation is like no other around.

2. Aeroseum in Gothenburg

The AeroseumLink opens in a new tab is in the northern part of Gothenburg, near Säve Airport. This museum provides a unique experience with aviation history, with about 236,800 sq. ft to explore. You’ll find everything aircraft-related here, such as model airplanes, ancient aircraft that aided whooping cough treatment, and about 50 helicopters and planes.

You’ll enjoy learning about the cold war from the extensive exhibition and the race to space between the Soviet Union and the USA.

The Aeroseum offers a flying experience from the flight simulators, but you may have to book some in advance. If you’re passionate about flying a real plane, you’ll have a chance to steer the commercial Boeing 737, combat aircrafts such as the Saab 37 Viggen, and classic planes like the Piper PA-24 Comanche.

You can get there by road, using a bus from Gothenburg. If you love camping, book a camping spot and enjoy your breakfast at the museum’s café, and get some souvenirs from the gift shop.

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3. Maritiman Museum

The fascinating Maritiman MuseumLink opens in a new tab is the largest floating ship museum in the world. Located near Packhuskajen on the Göta River, it has an impressive collection of 19 different vessels of various sizes rich in maritime history, focusing on the Swedish navy's ship.

This floating museum is home to several ships to explore, with 14 levels. For instance, you'll find military vessels such as the Smaland destroyer, Lightship, patrol boats, and civil ships like the fire fighter, tugboat, and ferry.

On the Nordkaparen submarine, you’ll get to go below the deck and visit a secret cryptology room on the destroyer. While you're there, check out the mess halls, engineering, engine rooms, the bridge, the turrets, and take amazing photos on the deck.

The guided tour is available in English, so you don’t have to worry about language barriers. Since the museum is floating, you can see the waves from the smaller vessels.

The Matrosen snack barLink opens in a new tab offers refreshments as you test your skills with brain teasers at the Virvelina’s workshop.

4. The Delsjön Nature Reserve

The Delsjön Nature ReserveLink opens in a new tab is about four miles to the east of Gothenburg and covers a massive 150,694,746 square feet. Getting there from Gothenburg takes about 15 minutes by road, or about 30 minutes if you love cycling.

You’ll love the scenic view of a plateau mountain, captivating forest and landscape, moors and heathland, boglands, and ponds.

It’s the perfect spot for swimming, birdwatching, fishing, exercising, and canoeing. You’ll love the breath of fresh air as you explore the running and biking trails to the historic ruins. Hire a canoe and row across the lake as you get unfettered access to the numerous bird and fish species.

If you love swimming, this nature reserve is a must-visit. From the sandy beaches to the grassy slopes, there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget to sunbathe in the summer at the Delsjöbadet on the shores of Lake Stora Delsjön.

There are charming cafés, like the Kaffestugan LyckanLink opens in a new tab or Bertilssons StugaLink opens in a new tab, where you’ll love the coffee and waffles. If you’re there with your family, there are scenic areas around the lake where you'll find fresh water, bathrooms, and a place to rent canoes. You can play frisbee golf or take your kids horseback riding all year round.

The Stora Delsjön promises loads of family fun with their swings and beach volleyball. Don’t let winter stop you from having fun; it's an excellent opportunity to explore ice skating.

Finish the day with a barbecue by the lakeside? The multiple fire pits will keep you warm as you enjoy the lovely outdoors.


Gothenburg is a beautiful place to visit with endless fun activities, unmatched beautiful sceneries, and loving, welcoming people. It's not overcrowded, so you'll love the natural vibe away from the city. If you love Mother Nature and the peace that comes with it, Gothenburg is the perfect place for you.

Gothenburg's best-kept secret is seafood cuisine. Remember to try giant cinnamon buns at Café HusarenLink opens in a new tab and check out the seafood at Sjöbaren restaurantLink opens in a new tab. Spend your evening enjoying live music at the Pustervik as you savor the view.


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