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It’s boarding time which means we are so much closer to bringing you to our favorite PLAYground – the air!

Checking in & boarding

Check-in and baggage drop-off will close 1 hour before the originally scheduled departure time.

When the online check-in process is complete you can send your boarding pass to your email address. You can then use your smartphone to scan your boarding pass. It's your ticket to board the plane and shows you the scheduled departure time, the boarding time, gate information if that is available when you finalize your check-in, your name, and other additional travel information you need to be aware of. For more information about checking in please click here.

Please note that online check-in is not available for departures from Bologna BLQ, Geneva GVA and Salzburg SZG. The check-in desks open 3 hours prior to departure and close 1 hour prior.

The boarding gate always closes 15 minutes prior to the flight's departure time. Failure to appear in time for check-in or boarding will result in a lost ticket.

If you're traveling with checked baggage, please go to the check-in desk at the airport to drop off your baggage after checking in online.

At Keflavik International Airport, you can scan your boarding pass in our self-service kiosks to print your bag tags.
The bag tag is essential in matching the baggage to the passenger. You need to apply the bag tags to your baggage and drop it off at our baggage drop-off desk. From there, your baggage is scanned, and you can proceed to security screening!

Included in your flight ticket is one personal item in cabin baggage that should fit under the seat in front of you. Additionally, you are allowed to board the aircraft with one duty-free shopping bag and medical equipment or medicine you may require during the flight. For more information about customs allowance please click here.Link opens in a new tab

If you need a bit more baggage on board you can pay for an additional cabin bag when you check in.
Please note that the purchased baggage allowance is always non-refundable. For more information about baggage please click here.