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The Passenger's Guide to Baggage

Only pay for what you need

PLAY is a low-cost airline, dedicated to getting you to your destination in the most affordable way possible. Part of our low-cost business plan is giving you the option to travel light on a tight budget. That is why our tickets only include a personal item on board. If you do wish to travel with more, you can add carry-on bags, checked bags or even odd-sized special baggage to your baggage allowance for a reasonable price. We know this can get a bit confusing so here is your essential guide to traveling with baggage.

1. The Personal Item

Included in your flight ticket is one personal item that must fit under the seat in front of you. The personal item can have the maximum dimensions of 42x32x25 cm/17x13x10 in (10 kg/22 lbs) including handles and wheels. Additionally, you are allowed to board the aircraft with one airport shopping bag and medical equipment or medicine you may require during the flight.

2. Free-of-Charge Items

In addition to your personal item, you can bring mobility aids, medical equipment and infant car seats on board, free of charge, given that the infant has their own seat and that your items are a necessity.

3. Carry-On Baggage

If you need a bit more baggage on board you can pay for one additional carry-on bag with maximum dimensions of 56x45x25 cm/22x18x10 in (12 kg/26 lb) including handles and wheels.

Please note that these dimensions are not flexible since your carry-on bag must fit in our overhead lockers. You should also keep in mind that we have limited space in the cabin so our carry-on baggage allowance can sell out. If you plan on taking a carry-on bag, you might want to buy your allowance sooner than later.

By purchasing the additional carry-on baggage allowance you also get priority boarding inside the aircraft (note this does not include priority check-in). In our playbook that's a win-win!

4. Checked Baggage - 20 kg (44 lbs) / 23 kg (50 lbs) / 32 kg (70 lbs)

Each passenger can purchase additional baggage allowance for up to three checked bags that are put in the hold of the aircraft. The combined dimensions of the checked bag cannot exceed 158 cm/62 in. Baggage exceeding these dimensions is considered special baggage. Please note that all baggage that is not a standard check-in bag is considered special (odd-sized) baggage. Checked baggage comes in three sizes, 20 kg (44 lbs), 23 kg (50 lbs) and 32 kg (70 lbs). Weight exceeding that allowance will be considered excess weight and charged accordingly. Please note that a single suitcase may never exceed 32 kg.

4.1  VIA checked baggage

If you booked a connecting flight with PLAY, then your baggage is checked in to your final destination. Keep in mind that if you have a long connecting time between flights in Iceland, it is not possible to retrieve your baggage unless you specifically request for it to be checked in to KEF only, and not the final destination.

PLAY does not have any interline agreements, so if you are connecting with another airline then you will need to pick up any checked baggage on the baggage belt and check it in again with the other airline.

5. Special Baggage

If your baggage is not a “normal suitcase” it is considered special baggage. This can be but is not limited to golf sets, skis, fishing gear, strollers, and musical instruments. The booking engine has five options for adding special baggage to your booking. These are golf sets, skis and a bicycle in addition to regular and large odd-sized bags. We want to know specifically if you’re travelling with golf sets, skis or a bike, but other special baggage is booked according to the dimensions of the item. Regular odd-sized bags are all items that are larger than 90x65x45 cm (35x25x17 in), or suitcases that are considered irregular. The maximum size of the regular odd-sized bag is 180x124 cm (70x48 in) and 20 kg (44 lbs).

If your item does not fit within the size requirements of the regular odd-sized bag you can choose the larger odd-sized bag option. The maximum weight is 32 kg/70 lbs and the size limit is 277x75x65 cm (109x29x25 in).

6. How to book additional baggage allowance

Adding baggage allowance to your reservation is easy and can be done from the time you book your tickets until one hour before your flight.

There are five ways to add baggage to your booking:

A) During booking: When initially booking on our website, there is an option to add additional baggage allowance.

B) After booking: You can always access your booking on our website via your MyPLAY account and from there you can add an additional baggage allowance until 24 hours before departure when online check-in opens.

C) During online check-in: With less than 24 hours to your flight, baggage allowance can be added when you check in online. You can add baggage there until the check in closes, 1 hour prior to departure.  

D) Through our Service Team: You can add baggage allowance by contacting our Service Team until 1 hour before your flight. Please note that additional fees will be added for this extra service.

E) At the airport: You can add baggage during check-in at the airport. Please note that out of all our baggage options, this one will cost you the most.

Click here for details about our prices.

Please note! Purchased baggage allowance cannot be changed, is non-refundable and not transferable, even though it is not used.

7. How to check in baggage

We want our check-in process to be as simple and smooth as possible so all passengers are required to check in online on our website. If you’re only traveling with a personal item and no additional baggage allowance, you can go straight to security screening at the airport. The same applies if you’re traveling with a carry-on bag but remember to verify that your cabin baggage meets the PLAY size and weight requirements before heading to security screening. If you're traveling with checked baggage, please go to the check-in desk at the airport to drop off your baggage after checking in online. You can skip the check-in desk at Keflavik International Airport and scan your boarding pass at our self-service kiosks to print your bag tags. Apply the bag tags to your baggage and drop it off at our baggage drop-off desk.

Don’t worry, it’s all fairly simple and there’s always someone at the airport to give you a hand if you run into problems.

8. To pack or not to pack?

This is a great question because you really do need to put your airport/airplane hat on when you pack your suitcases. The main thing to remember is to not pack liquids greater than 100 ml in your carry-on baggage and that all liquid items must fit in 1 l plastic bag if you want to get it past security screening. Also never pack flammables or anything that might combust or explode. Sounds simple, right? It might get a bit trickier if you’re planning on traveling with your hunting equipment or cello but don’t worry if you have unusual baggage. Just read our extensive directions about packing your baggage here.Link opens in a new tab