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Cheap flights to Tenerife

What if there was an island, just outside the African coast, where the sun nearly always shone on a coastline of beaches and resorts with majestic cliffs and mountains in the background? Well, good news, there is!

When it comes to sunny holiday destinations, Tenerife is hard to beat. The Canary Islands is a popular holiday spot for sun-loving Europeans and Tenerife is the largest island in this Spanish archipelago.

As far as islands go, Tenerife isn’t very large but it does sport a variety of landscapes. Dominated by the dormant volcano Mount Teide, the island also boasts yellow and black beaches, lush green parks and various resorts. It also comes with popular vacation spots like the Siam Park waterpark, the Loro Park zoo and the Museum of Nature and Man. Given the island’s diverse landscapes and nature, excursions and hikes are a truly wonderful pastime in these parts and it's also one of the reasons Tenerife is such a popular destination for bicycle lovers.

And then there’s the sea. Whether sightseeing on a boat tour, whale watching, going on a dolphin excursion, getting your adrenaline rush on a water jet or scuba diving, everyone should be able to find something of interest in the waters around Tenerife. And after a full day in the water, just find your own spot on a sunny beach somewhere to bake in the sun.

When you’ve had your fill of the relaxed beach atmosphere, just head out to one of the island’s many highly-rated golf courses and enjoy their glorious landscaping while also getting your game on and upping your step count for the day.

If you’re looking for cold and rainy days in a grey setting to feel blue and anxious in, look elsewhere. Tenerife is a place of relaxation, enjoyment and ultimately just fun. In the warm and wonderful sun.