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Reykjavik – The Northernmost Capital of the World

Welcome to Reykjavik, the northernmost capital of the world and a small-town metropolis full of wonderful contradictions. Iceland’s capital (and only city) is a surprisingly colorful and warm place and it has a lot going on. Hailed for its lively atmosphere and charming nightlife, Reykjavik also has a thriving culinary scene and a world-famous edgy art scene.

The 40-minute drive from Keflavik International Airport to Reykjavik is an experience on its own. The black lava fields, geothermal steam and blue mountains of the Reykjanes peninsula are contrasted with the picturesque Snæfellsjökull glacier on the other side of the large bay. And then there's the recent volcanic eruption that left a vast and brand-new lava field in the area. Perhaps Reykjavik’s biggest attraction and charm is its full-on city life in such close proximity to the untouched wilderness of Iceland.

Enchanting Landscapes and Luxurious Heat

Local favorites include the spa-like public pools, the downtown bar scene and hikes in the lava fields and mountains all around Reykjavik or along its dramatic shoreline. And if you have more ambitious ideas about your vacation, why not go for a ride on an Icelandic horse, take a luxurious dip in the Blue Lagoon, see the northern lights on a late-night excursion, go whale watching from Reykjavik’s Old Harbor or take a boat ride on a glacier lagoon?

That’s the thing about Iceland. No matter what your ideas about your travels may have been, Iceland will surely surprise you with its dramatic presence, natural wonders and enchanting atmosphere. If you’re looking for a magical and memorable experience, in peace and comfort, Reykjavik is your kind of destination.

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