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Celebrating World Tourism Day!

Flights from €79!

September 27 is the UN's World Tourism Day and we're celebrating with great prices to Iceland and beyond to the USA.

This year, do something completely different and experience the magical winter season in Iceland. We invite you to gaze up at the northern lights from a luxurious hot spring in the dark with flights to Iceland from €79!

If you want to fly further, why not visit the vibrant big cities on the USA’s East Coast. We’re now offering flights to Baltimore, Boston and New York from €149!

Wherever you go, be sure to play more at your destination because you paid much less for your flights.

Enter Dark Mode in Iceland

Iceland’s unofficial tagline and ultimate cliché is the land of ice and fire. This is an obvious reference to the country’s many glaciers and active volcanos. But a more apt description would be the land of contrasting extremes, not only in terms of glacial icecaps and fiery lava but also the cold air vs. hot geothermal springs as well as the endless light in summer and long hours of darkness in winter. It’s a common misunderstanding that Icelanders suffer through their dark winters in moody depression, wishing only for a new spring but deep down, they adore the darkness. Why? Because of the lights of course.


The advertised fare is per person, per one-way flight when booking round-trip flights to Iceland KEF or Baltimore BWI, Boston BOS and New York SWF via Iceland from Berlin BER on our website www.flyplay.comLink opens in a new tab. The advertised fare is inclusive of all mandatory taxes, fees and carrier charges.

Restrictions and baggage fees apply.

First come – first serve!

Destinations: Iceland KEF or Baltimore BWI, Boston BOS and New York SWF via Iceland from Berlin BER.

Flight period:  October – December 15, 2022.

Booking period: September 27 – October 2, 2022.