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Positive COVID-19 test in Iceland

What now?


A positive COVID-19 test result will always lead to complete isolation, to prevent further spread of the virus domestically.

The Directorate of Health has issued instructions for residential isolation. You can read them hereLink opens in a new tab.

Your travel with PLAY

If you have tested positive with COVID-19 during quarantine & screening in Iceland and need to change your travel plans with us, please contact our Service Team here for assistance or directly initiate a travel date change request hereLink opens in a new tab.

We will rebook you free of charge after you have completed the required self-isolation period and are fit to fly. 

The fine print:

  • This only applies to passengers that have booked return/roundtrip tickets with PLAY.  
  • The passenger must present PLAY with a certificate of COVID-19 test results issued by the relevant health authorities. 
  • Other passengers in the same booking can also change their return tickets upon request. 
  • Are you traveling as part of a group of more than nine passengers? If so, only passengers diagnosed with COVID-19 and their immediate family members (e.g., parents, children or partner) may rebook free of charge, not other passengers.