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Cheap flights to Trondheim


Cheap flights to Trondheim

Welcome to Trondheim, the capital of Iceland – in the 13th century. That’s right, modern-day Trondheim is Norway’s third largest city but back in the medieval day it was called Nidaros and was the capital of Norway when Norway ruled Iceland. Furthermore, Nidaros’ most famous inhabitant is undoubtedly Iceland’s very own Leif Erikson, and if you don’t know who Viking superstar Leif “the Lucky” was, we suggest your read up on your American history before posing in front of his statue in downtown Reykjavik for your most popular Instagram-moment in Iceland.

Today’s Trondheim is a charming city of approx. 200,000 inhabitants. Its nickname as Norway’s capital of knowledge comes from its high number of technological companies and Norway’s largest university, the NTNU University of Science and Technology.

But Trondheim is more than advanced science and progressive technology. This is a foodie paradise if there ever was one. Globetrotting connoisseurs should have the time of their life in Trondheim, strolling between Michelin star restaurants, fusion bistros and sampling the wonderful street food available in this city that prides itself on its high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients.

If you’re too stuffed to stroll, don’t worry, Trondheim is a cycling paradise, so hop on a bike and let the wheels do most of the work as you explore the town. This place even has a special bicycle lift that brings weary cyclists to the top of the city’s steepest hill.

And Trondheim isn’t just an overachiever when it comes to content and substance. This city truly excels in appearance as well. The city’s old town, Bakklandet, is a unique and gorgeous area with charming old streets and colorful facades of historical houses lining the river Nid that runs through the city. This is the perfect setting for an afternoon of beautiful boutiques and cozy cafés. And that’s not all because Trondheim is located in Trondheim fjord, one of those glorious and picturesque Norwegian fjords that seem like a CGI render of some fantasy. This is a setting of otherworldly scenery so keep your eyes on that fjord because you might spot a giant squid or an orca peaking up from those beautiful waters.

Visit the old country and enjoy Viking wonderland Trondheim in all its glory.

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