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Now it's Noday in Iceland

Welcome to our darkest hour

It is now winter in Iceland, a season to celebrate for more than one reason. The long darkness offers many spectacular moments with the moon, the stars and the amazing northern lights playing lead roles. You might be surprised to learn that this winter darkness is the time when we celebrate our lights, and these cold months offer tranquil moments in the luxurious warmth of our natural geothermal heat.

What’s stopping you from gazing up at the northern lights from a luxurious hot tub in the dark?  

Be warm. Be well. Be welcome.

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Iceland’s unofficial tagline and ultimate cliché is the land of ice and fire. This is an obvious reference to the country’s many glaciers and active volcanos. But a rather more apt description would be the land of contrasts. This is a place with contrasting extremes, not only in terms of glacial icecaps and fiery lava but also the cold air vs. hot geothermal springs as well as the endless light in summer and long hours of darkness in winter.
It’s a common misunderstanding that Icelanders suffer through their dark winters in moody depression, wishing only for a new spring. While most Icelanders will celebrate more daylight, more warmth and the midnight sun of summer, deep down, they adore their dark winters. Why? Because of the lights of course.

What can you say about the northern lights? Well, for starters, they’re the most wonderful thing in the world. They vary in scope, vibrancy, and color but with the northern lights in the picture, there’s never a dull moment. They are one of Iceland’s most spectacular natural phenomena and a very popular attraction.

When it comes to luxury, nothing beats the geothermal heat of Iceland. This blog is about the top-end luxury spas and lagoons in Iceland. For info about Iceland’s public pools and natural hot baths, check out our other blogs on the subject. This is not an exhaustive list but mentions highlights from each part of the country.

Why on earth did the early Viking settlers find this a preferable place to live? There is of course the vast and glorious wilderness, magnificent natural wonders and otherworldly contradictions in nature but essentially there’s one good reason that makes Iceland not just habitable but is still considered one of its main attractions. This is the natural geothermal heat or as they’re popularly named in their most practical form: hot springs.

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